Friday, January 31, 2014

Not In Atlanta!!!!

January 31, 2014

Hola mi bonita familia!

Ok so I only have like 5 minutes to email you right now since it´s not technically our pday but I have made it here safely. Even though my luggage hasn´t.. Are you surprised? At this point I´m not. But I´ll tell you all about everything that happened when I have longer! I love you all though! It´s beautiful here! My companion is Hermana Watt and she´s the cutest little thing from St. George, Utah. She´s just as blonde as I am and we´re going to take this CCM and all its Latinas by storm :) We just had breakfast which consisted of fruit loops with either yogurt or warm milk because who eats cereal with cold milk?? I opted for the yogurt which was just as watery as milk but it wasn´t too bad and then we had these like little english muffins with ham (I think) and cheese and manjar. The manjar tasted different than yours mom, a little more like black licorice-y if that makes since so yours definitely tasted better haha. It´s lovely here and I´m doing awesome so don´t worry! Please pray that I get my luggage soon as I haven´t been able to wear my contacts since Monday night due to all our delays and canceled flights! Luckily my eye sight is not bad yet though so that´s a huge blessing!! Our room is like a big dorm room with 3 sets of bunk beds but it{s only hermana watt and I so it´s nice even though the shower floods the entire floor. Santiago is super cool. It{s like if Arizona had Utah mountains and it{s like really heavy hot if that makes since. I believe that´s called humidity and I´m not a super huge fan. Though a super huge fan would be nice right about now. This keyboard is in spanish so I´m having the trickiest time typing on this right now. I curser keeps jumping around and the shift and apostrophe and stuff are all in the wrong places haha but I´m sure it{ll only take a few times to get use to it! Anyway I have to go but I love you all SOO MUCH!! Just know I´m finally in Santiago and being taken good care of! I´m so happy here and it{s weird to think I´m actually a missionary now! I definitely don{t feel like it though, at least not yet haha. I love you and can´t wait to hear from you all!

Con todo el amor en mi corozon (my spanish classes start tomorrow),

Hermana Evans

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