Thursday, April 30, 2015

Preach My Chicken Wings

April 27, 2015
Helllloooooo family

How the weeks are just flying. I worry that I won`t have anything to say to you guys because the time just goes by so fast, but I will rack my brain so I can share something practically interesting. (I hope) 
So on Monday we went and taught Barbara. I´m so sorry but I can never remember what I told you guys the weeks before or who I talked about so I`ll just explain again real quick. She is living with a menos activa family that are helping her leave the drugs. She`s like really receptive and just awesome and she`s 15. Anyway we taught  about the word of wisdom and she was like well I smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and I can`t try to quit right now because I`m quitting drugs and that `s a lot at once.  We totally understood, that would be way hard. So we`re like dang it, she`s going to be a long process but that`s fine. So then we went on Monday and taught her and she was sick so we taught her in her room while she was in bed. She goes, you know I`ve come to a decision. And we`re like oh noo.. and she says, I`m not going to.. and we`re just like no no no don`t leave us! ...smoke anymore. WHAT??? we`re like wait what, seriously??? And she says, being sick I just can`t breath, I have to always sit up straight, sleep sitting up because my lungs can`t breath when I lay down right now and I don`t like not being able to have control over my body so I`m not going to smoke. (Back ground info: She hadn`t gone to church the week before because she was sick.. God works in interesting ways) So that was a total miracle!! But then she didn`t come to church yesterday because she told her cousin she`d go listen to him play some musical instrument in his church. Dang it! I should have told her that I`ll be playing the piano at ours!! Gahhhh! Yeah ok next week next week....
This week we also have the ummmm.. honor? of doing the stand. Ok so to be honest doing the stand kinda sucks because it`s so heavy and you have to transport it down to the plaza with public transportation and then set it up and the stand broke weeks ago so our zone leaders jimmy rigged it using pvc pipes so it`s verging on ghetto and everyone just laughs at the gringas trying to set it up or take it down. BUT once you finally get it up and are there doing it, it`s great. We stand there and contact people walking by. Mostly they want nothing to do with us, they`re all in a hurry to get somewhere or other, so it ends up being a lot of smiling and saying hola, buenas, over and over a thousand times. Over the time of standing there I noticed that no one ever walks by smiling. Everyone is frowning and looks sad. We started doing a smiling count and the first day we got 6 and it was because they were walking and talking with a friend. BUT when we said hi to them, they always at least smirked, but most smiled, and some even said hi back! I realized that the world really just needs a smile sometimes. That really a smile can make so much of a difference. It was awesome to be able to see people looking really sad or grumpy change to smile. Their entire face just changed in an instant! A lot of people even would turn around after they passed us to say hi, because they didn`t realize at first that we were talking to them. And most of the people that came over to talk to us, didn`t want anything to do with learning more about Christ but just wanted to thank us for what we were doing because they recognized that what we were doing was something good. It`s really sad to think that doing good has become such a rare thing in modern day society. But people need good in their lives. They really feel the lack of it in their life. Even though the time we spent doing the stand didn`t leave us with many good contacts to be able to teach, I felt awesome that we could make a difference. I know that they passed by feeling better and really that`s the essence of not only missionary work, but the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. Making ourselves and others just feel good. That`s honestly what made me want to serve a mission, because the gospel makes me feel good. It makes me happy. And that`s the reason most people end up getting baptized. Because they just feel good about it. 
Funny story of the week. Doing the stand a lady stopped to talk to us because we`re gringas and we tried to give her a pass a long card and on the bottom of the card are little pictures of random people smiling on the bottom and she looks at it and she says,  you guys aren`t on the card and we`re like well no. and she hands the card back and she says, I want one with pictures of you guys and we`re like well we dont`have one and so then she just walks away hahaha. Also I said hi to this random girl walking by and she took off running... Literally people ran away from us! hahahahaha the joys of missionary work. I love it so much!
But that`s about it for this exciting week! I hope you all can do something small to make someone turn their frown upside down! You`ll feel good, they`ll feel good, everyone wins! Also you`ll look a lot prettier :) 
I love you all, have a great week! 
con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans

Monday, April 20, 2015

Moses And His Crazy Dreams!!!

April 20, 2015

Hola familia mia!!

Como estan??? Espero que todo este bien allá y que esten disfrutando la primavera.... Ok English transition because I'm pretty sure dad is the only one that understands this right now....... I`m being kind to the rest of you.  :)
This week was wonderful. I don`t think there will ever be any real complaints. I was thinking about it the other day and being on the mission is literally the greatest thing anyone could ever do. It`s seriously this huge break from the world and from temptations and really everything. I don`t know. Even though you spend all day worried about the salvation of other people you just feel good because at least your doing your part. I love that feeling of peace and satisfaction. 
This week we met this woman named Jeanette. She is basically pure gold.  We met her husband the previous week as he drove us in his collectivo. Turns out he`s a menos activo that just moved here from Santiago. We passed by his house and met his wife Jeanette. She is so awesome. She`s a mom with little kids and she believes in God and everything and just wants the best for them. Honestly we didn`t do anything special, we just talked about how the gospel provides a refuge for the family and she just loved everything. When we gave her the Book of Mormon she said, you`re giving me your book!? I don`t have any books here! Wow, you passed yourselves up. Thank you I just feel so good and relaxed now! We were thinking, ' wow you are just pure gold'. Then a few days later we were walking down the hill and we see her standing on the side and we start talking to her and she tells us she locked her keys in the house so she's waiting to see if her husband drives by so she can get his spare. I offer her to use our phone and call him and she was so surprised!!!  I was thinking, oh my gosh God loves us too much because what are the chances of us happening to walk down that street to be able to help her. It`s funny how things work out like that. 
Then ok, funny story..... We`re at Herminia`s house, she`s this 80 year old woman who is  REALLY funny because she is so sarcastic and says everything on her mind. We literally just crack up at all the comments she has about everyone..... So we`re there right and she makes us herbal tea to take. So she has me pour the water out of the huge thermos thing and I pour it in my cup and it`s cold. It`s straight cold. I try to keep myself under control and I look at my companion and I`m like do you want some too and then I just couldn`t help myself and I just bust out laughing and Hermana Hansen totally knows what`s going on and she says, yeah, I'd love some and we`re just laughing and Herminia asks what is so funny so I just cover and I tell her, ' I'm so sorry, I just spilt water on my skirt and now I feel embarrassed so it made me laugh and she says, ' oh did it burn you?? And then we just have a laugh attack and I tell her no, I'm just embarrassed and Herminia says, 'these crazy gringas' and just starts laughing at us hahahaha. oh man, it was SO FUNNY! You had to be there!!!!!
On Friday I had intercambios and got to go to Agua Santa which is down in Viña and it`s a pretty wealthy neighborhood. It`s really, really pretty! We did service for this family (We literally swept the street in front of their house. The street. Why? No clue. Cars literally will drive on it all the time but it`s fine service is service.) But while we were there the lady`s sister and brother in law arrived and she says, I'm so sorry hermanas but I need to attend them. When we finish we go back to the house and the hermana tells us that her dad just died in the U.S but in the U.S they aren`t listed as his children so they have no way to receive all the stuff he left behind. Then she just breaks down crying and is like I don`t know where my dad is. He never got baptized. And just looks at me and says, ' where is he?? Is he suffering? Tell me how he is?? (She`s a menos activa so she doesn`t really remember the plan of salvation). It was so cool to be able to testify of the atonement of Christ and the plan God has for families and that I could assure her with all my heart that they would be together again. Then her sister, who is an active member, hugs her and starts to comfort her and they both start crying. Then the sister says, hey hey, dad is ok. I know that he is ok. You can go and do his work in the temples. This is why there is that work. He is fine, we`re going to be together as a family again. Just pray. The prayers of the righteous are always listened too, they really make a difference.  It was so so special for me to be able to see this family, really applying the gospel in their life and finding peace that surpasses understanding in the simple truths that they feel inside are true. It was so beautiful just to see them there hugging. It was again one of those moments where you`re just like, ' wow, The gospel is so awesome. I`m so grateful for the knowledge we have. 
Then a little later we found a menos activa who is a return missionary and who has a 9 year old son who`s not a member. We taught the son a simple lesson about how to pray and then we asked him if he wanted to say the closing prayer but he got shy suddenly so the mom said it. I think it was one of the first times they`d prayed in a long time because she got really emotional and started crying. When we opened our eyes we could see that the son was crying too. I asked him how he felt and he said really good. and I explained that feeling is how he can know that God listens to his prayers and the prayers of his mom. He said he was going to pray every day now. It was another super beautiful moment to see how through a simple prayer they could feel the spirit together and it was so strong. They received an answer right in that moment that God does know who they are and that he loves them, even if they hadn`t prayed in a really long time, God was still there, waiting and ready to let them know that He loves them. I really just love being a missionary and just being able to be there to witness such tender moments. 
We also met a guy named Pollo this week. That`s really his name. I invited him to be baptized and he looked me straight in the eye and said no!.... You win some and you lose some. Although I think I still win because my name isn`t chicken.! 
Then we met this guy yesterday. We went in and he started telling us about his experiences and beliefs with God. We thought he was crazy. He started telling us that he knows how to see things and connect with spirits and he was like touch my hand and I can show you what I see. I can show you God. And he tells us if we really wanted to know our spirit, he could help us know our inner spirit. Basically at this point were like yeah we don`t want anything to do with this witchcraft crazy stuff and so we were going to leave but he asked why we`re called Mormons and we tell him that actually we`re the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.... and he says oh wow you guys have that big church in Santiago (referring to the temple) and then he tells us that he had a dream about that place and how he went in. And we`re like wow that`s cool, but then the subject changed somehow and we ended up talking a little about the Book of Mormon and so we gave one to him and then he says, ' wow, my girlfriend and I prayed yesterday that we could receive a book full of truth and now you guys are here and you`re giving us this book. And we`re like wow. Literal answer to his prayer. Ok that`s super cool. And then I asked him about his dream. And he says, ' I went in the temple and I went down to the basement and there was a man with lots of books and he was taking all the best parts of all the books and writing it and putting it all together into one book. Then we were like what. the. heck. And we explained about Mormon and how the Book of Mormon came to be. And he says, ' are you serious?? that`s like my dream. And we all just had a moment of silence. So basically the guy went from this crazy, to maybe a future apostle or something...ha ha.. He told us that he knows really well how to feel if something is good or something is bad... Gift Of Discernment. ...So he`s definitely going to read it and get baptized. I don`t know, we gotta invite him next week, yesterday just wasn`t the moment. Oh yeah, and his name is Moses. Need I say more? I`m really excited to go back next week to see what happens!! Like seriously what the heck.
So yeah it was a great week! I`m happy, I`m warm (Chile thinks it`s Summer still or something), I`m healthy, I`m a missionary. All is good. 

Con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans


Thursday, April 16, 2015


April 13, 2015

Hello family!!!! 

I hope you all had a great week! The weeks feel like they are just flying! Does it feel the same for you guys too? 
This week was great, here are some of the highlights:
We had interviews with President. This was the first time that I was not totally nervous before. I just really, really, really love President Kahnlein. He is so amazing. The spirit that he has with him is so strong. I love that I can know that he would never do anything against the will of God and that He follows the Savior and the promptings in every way. He has taught me so much by his example.  When he talks to you it just love. It also was my last interview with him as they are finishing their mission in July so the next interview I have will be with the new mission president. I`m just so grateful for Pres. Kahnlein and everything he and his wife have done and do. Seriously, they are just the best. 
Then we found a menos active (less active member). Really it`s not that surprising knocking on a door or stopping to talk with some random person in the street and they`re like oh actually I`m Mormon, I got baptized years ago, I just never go. Literally a third of the Chilean population have been baptized in the church. Does a third of the population come to church?? that`s a completely different story. Anyway so we go into the lesson with this less active member and her son is there and he`s in his 20's and is being all mopey and anti social because I guess he`s sick. So then this girl comes over who`s his friend or something and they set up this IV right there at the dining room table and hook him up to it! I`m like ok what the heck is going on! The mom is like oh just be careful. I guess they`re studying in this 2 year medical course in school or something. And then so we`re just talking and getting to know them and as we go to share a scripture the kid just totally passes out so the mom is  freaking out, he`s hooked up to this ghetto IV, seeing the kid pass out makes me feel all queasy inside so I`m praying not to throw up. Then as he comes back to consciousness, he thtows up. Awesome. So obviously the spirit just wasn`t going to be in that lesson. We finish it up and leave and put a cita (appointment) to come back this week. She said she`s going to give us once! So I`m down.
The other day, Friday was just a miracle day. We hadn`t really had a lot of luck the other days of the week and Friday was intercambios. So I stayed in my sector and had another hermana come and work with me there. We didn`t have any citas, Ok lie, we did,  but they all fell through... so basically we didn`t. And I was like no, we`re going to make this a day of miracles! We are literally going to talk with every single person we see and we are going to find new investigadors. The first person I see after that is this kinda sketchy looking guy.. but I didn`t care, he`s a child of God too. So I start talking to him and he stops and is interested. Then he realizes that I`m talking about religion and I try to give him a pass a long card. He`s like oh no thanks and then tries to keep walking and I say, wait, why not?? And he just looks at me with his crazzzy hair and says because I`m Jesus Christ. hahaha Ok.... well then I totally understand because in that case you clearly wouldn`t need this then. People are just crazy. So then we start contacting on a street that we hadn`t contacted yet. We found a menos activo after a few rejections. She was open to us coming back another day AND she has two teenagers that aren`t members! SCORE! Then a few doors down we find ourselves with Nicholas. Who`s just great. At first he said that he actually doesn't believe in God, he just believes in himself  and that he can do the things with his own strength and that he can help others. I said, that`s great but what happens when we have moments of weakness or when things happen in our lives that we just can`t control. Where do you find hope and strength then? That made him think, so we shared a scripture in The Book of Mormon in Ether about weaknesses being made strong in Christ and he loved it. Then he said, you know, just today I was thinking that I need to find a way to heal myself and just clean myself of my past.... That is seriously music to missionaries ears! So obviously we talked to him about baptism and invited him to be baptized. (That is seriously my absolute favorite thing to do as a missionary, inviting people to be baptized in contacts on the street. I love the power of the calling) And he said he would actually love to do that, but didn't feel ready for it. Anyway turns out that he didn`t live there, he lives in the Elders sector. So we got his address and passed it to those lucky elders. Then a few doors down from him an atheist answered the door. Doesn`t believe in anything. It was so cool, we just straight shared our testimonies that God DOES exist and that he does love us and that through his plan our families CAN be together forever! And you know what, he didn`t close the door. He listened. He commented, we testified, shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and he listened. and slowly you could just see a change in his face. Slowly. He really wanted to believe that what we were saying was true. And he let us put a cita to come back. That`s my other favorite thing about being a missionary. I`ve learned that success doesn`t come in how many baptisms you have or how many investigadors you have coming to church, but it`s in the number of hearts that you can touch and about making people be able to feel the spirit of God telling them that what they are hearing is true. People don`t always follow those feelings, but if I can get someone to feel that, I feel like I am completing my duty as a missionary and I just LOVE IT!
Anyway I`ve run out of time now so I have to go, but I hope you have a great week! Think of someone you can share a part of your testimony with, even if they don`t believe in God, you never know who`s heart you will be able to touch. 

I love you all so much!!!
con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans

A dead tarantula on the road!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Empty Tomb

April 6, 2015

Hellloooo my wonderful family!! I love you guys so much! 

This week was amazing. I just feel so happy to be a missionary ALL THE TIME: It´s literally the very best. 
This week started out interesting. I had intercambios so this time I went to another area to work with one of the Hermanas there. We go to lunch and it´s with this cooky old lady. We enter the house and it was all almost normal, with just little details off... She had this tree in the corner but with huge pears growing off it and the pillows rested above the couch not on it and there was this huge old horse tapestry hanging on the wall. I felt like I was in an Alice in Wonderland house or something. Then we sit down at this huge table and there was only two places set. She tells us to start eating and then just leaves us. Super weird... But it was fine, the salad tasted good and everything. Then I go to take a drink of what looks like apple juice or something. BLAH! I don´t even know. We were like what the heck is this??? My guess was weed water. It tasted like she´d watered her plants outside and then served us the water that came out the other side of the window box or something. So when she came in to give us the soup course I asked her what kind of drink it was. She´s like oh it´s agua de hierbas, I can´t stand normal water... I WAS RIGHT! WEED WATER! When she left we almost busted out laughing. Then she brings out the lunch... It looked like rice with beef cooked with vegetables. One of my favorite things to eat here so I was totally down. But then as we were eating, my companion was like, what kind of meat is this? I´m like beef? And she´s like I don´t know.. it tastes kind of sweet and the texture is kind of off.. I realized she was right. We´re like what the heck are we eating. My companion got a little freaked out because she thought it was horse meat. But we just kept eating it and I pretended it was beef, even though it didn´t taste like it should. So then when the lady came back, I asked her what kind of meat it was and she looks at me kind of funny and she´s like it´s kidney. I´m like OH! KIDNEY! Wow, and then I told her that it was really good because I felt awkward and didn´t know what else to say. She was like of course it is, that´s why I make it. So yeah. I ate kidney. Honestly it wasn´t as bad as it sounds. But still.... I´m not down to eat it again. But then listen to this! So I was telling another member back in my branch about the kidney lunch and how my companion thought it was horse meat but it was really kidney and I was grateful that it at least wasn't horse. And the lady was like well you know the meat you eat in  chorasscos or hamburgers from the little local places? That´s usually horse. So basically I´ve been eating horse meat too and didn´t even know it. The joys of living in Chile right?
To answer your questions about Teresa. She´s really sick. We saw her only one time and she´s lost a lot more weight, which I didn´t think was possible, she was already SO thin and she has less hair. We´ve passed by a lot more but she just can´t get out of bed to answer the door or isn´t home. I´m super worried about her. Please please please keep her in your prayers. We don´t really know what to do, but we´re going to keep passing by and seeing if we can help.
Olga is just a disaster right now. We taught her again and she seemed like she was getting over what happened and then we invited her to be baptized again and she was like well what good is baptism going to do be if I´m not going to go to church again... Ah! She´s a prideful old woman that just can´t forgive or understand. It´s really sad. Really really sad that she´s letting something so small prevent her from all the glorious blessings of the gospel. We´re going to try to pass by with our mission leader so he can talk to her, but I think that we´re going to have to leave her.. So sad.
This past weekend has just been spiritual overload down here and I´ve loved every second. We had our leader counsel with Presidente on Friday who actually talked about a lot of what they talked about at conference. Chastity and humility. I was so sure, SO SURE, that he was going to be called as a general authority. He´s always so aligned with everything! Next year though, I´m telling you! And then of course GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Which of course I just loved! Did it seem weird to anyone else though that President Monson didn´t open or close the conference?? I really hope that he´s doing ok. My favorite talks were the guy that talked about dancing and music. Do you know how to dance? Can you teach me to dance? Dancing without music is both awkward and unfulfilling hahaha that part made me laugh. I loved though how he said that learning the dance steps takes discipline but the joy of dance comes when we hear the music and it becomes something natural. It was just a great analogy all around! Also though my number one favorite of them all was the one by Kevin W. Pearson!! I loved it! It reminded me alot of the talk from last conference by Jorg. To hang in there is not a principle of the gospel. We gotta stay by the tree! There was just a lot of good one liners there. And of course my homie Elder Holland delivered as usual. It was just a great Easter weekend.
It´s funny how Easter really isn´t that big of a thing here like it is in the States. But I will say it was totally weird to see people walking around with big crosses on their back on Friday.

Hermana Hansen and I colored eggs! We made eggs for all the missionaries in our zone since we´re all basically gringos. It was so funny how excited everyone got! They all took selfies with their eggs haha! I think if the whole college thing doesn´t seem to go my way I´ll become the Easter bunny because it felt good to make everyone so happy with a simple egg. (But don´t worry, that college thing will totally work out). I loved what Elder Holland said about Easter. That it is the most sacred day of the year for a special remembrance of Brotherly hands that saved us.... And what Uchtdorf said, that on that day our lives changed forever.

These past days I´ve been reflecting a lot on how grateful I am for Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice for us and how absolutely amazing it is and how little I really understand or can comprehend all of it. I´ll never ever understand all that Christ went through and the love that he has and how the spirit gives me, as Elder Cook put it so perfectly, a peace that surpasses all understanding. It makes me just want to live in such a way that I can return to Him and thank Him!. He lives. He is a perfect resurrected being. Although He is perfect in every way, shape and form, He loves us so that He chooses to wear His scars, so that one day we´ll never have to wear ours. It´s amazing the plan God has for us. It really gives me an eternal perspective. I know what is most important and that is, returning to live with Him as a family. That empty tomb makes it all possible. We always have an opportunity more to try again. Oh it is wonderful! 
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

The decorated Easter eggs
Samantha and her companion, Haley Hansen


Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference


Let The Thunder Roll

March 30, 2015

Helllllloooo mi familia!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMITA!"!!!! So glad you got the letter in time!! I`m glad you had a great day!

Crazy it`s Spring break there for you guys! My sence of time is just gone now haha.

Ok so first things first, we had cambios this past week and.......... drum roll please!.......... I stayed!!!!!! In Chorrillos! With Hermana Hansen!! So now we`ll be companions until May! Crazy! I totally thought I was going to leave because we already had 2 cambios together and I`ve never had anymore than 3 cambios in an area but hey, not this time! I`m actually really happy about it all! And now we`re no longer in a trio.  Hermana Huaccha went to one of the areas that we do intercambios with and is in a trio there now so we`ll still see her and work with her. So it`s all good!
Ok so crazy. Tuesday night we`re sleeping and we just start hearing all this rumbling. I just assumed it was earthquakes because there`s always earthquakes here and so I just rolled over and kept sleeping. But we kept hearing them. So the Hermana got up (we`re still in a trio at this point) and was like oh my gosh! (ok she didn`t say that exactly, I mean she speaks Spanish) but we got up to see what was going on and there was a huge lightning storm! It was her first time seeing lighting so she was kinda freaked out but I just thought it was cool! The best part was that our view from the window is of the ocean so we got to see the lightning going into the ocean!! Way cool. Totally bummed that my groggy 5 in the morning brain didn`t think to go get my camera.. oh well.
This week we were in charge of doing the stand. Ok so first the stand is just the worst. It`s super heavy and transporting it on public locomotion and walking with it.... it`s a nightmare. Also we`re always full with appointments so it`s just an inconvenience sometimes. I should probably have a better attitude... So finally we suck it up and go down and do it and guess what happens. It rains!!!! It just straight starts pouring down rain!!! hahahaha it was one of those moments when you just have to laugh. Like that totally would happen. It never rains here this time of year. Although it was way funny seeing how everyone gets way freaked out when there was thunder, which also doesn`t happen here. But these nice hippie people helped us move everything under a tree so we could take the freakin stand apart. So see, even in the rain and with the stand there`s blessings!
The cutest thing ever happened.... We were contacting a house and this little boy was out front. The mom was busy but was very nice and told us to come back the next week. Then this cute little boy who wears goggle glasses and talks like a little cartoon character tells me I have the prettiest smile he`s ever seen and that I have really white teeth! hahahaha so cute!!! He made me feel like a Disney princess for the rest of the day!
This week I was asked to play piano for a funeral. The mom of our lider misional`s wife died. She was really old and was really sick. She couldn`t talk or move or do anything so it was sad, but at least she`s not suffering. I just played hymns and the people gave really pretty testimonies of the plan of salvation. I walked away feeling really really really grateful for the knowledge that we have of God`s plan and the eternal perspective it gives us. The gospel really can bring us hope and joy even in the most darkest times. I`m so so so grateful for that and that this is the message that we get to share everyday.
We put on a branch activity. We did a minute it to win it kind of thing! It was way way super fun! Everyone got really competitive. We just basically had them do a bunch of funny games. Even sweet Nora was participating. Everyone really like it, so that felt really good!
We started talking with Gabriela`s brother this week. He was listening to the missionaries before but he has a terrible drinking problem. He told us that he wants to change and that he wants to be baptized and everything but doesn't think he could give up drinking permanently. We got to talk about the power of the atonement and repentance and how we`re here to progress and not be perfectly perfect. I know that he`s going to get baptized, I just don`t know if it`s his time yet. He didn`t come to church Sunday....But you know who did?? DAVID! He`s that old man that always talks about the time he died but then came back to life.... He came on his own! And then we ended up teaching gospel principles class 2nd hour and we invited him to be baptized right then and he said yes! What a great blessing!!! So I hope everything works out there!
 That`s about it for the highlights of the week! Everything is great here! I think Viña is one of the greatest places ever! I love everything and I feel so grateful for everything I`m able to see and learn and experience. Literally I feel like I personally do nothing, but I get to watch the spirit in action every day, touch the hearts of the people and see them slowly change. It`s just the best!
I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!!!!!!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

This is what the mission president wrote to the girls:
The first two he sent to hermana hansen, the bottom two to me! YES! (A 7 in chile is like a A plus!)

Hicieron excelentemente bien su trabajo, thanks!
Hermana, gracias por todo el trabajo para ayudarla, lo hicieron de 7!

PD: Gracias por ayudarla a cambiar, yo puedo ver el cambio!
PD: Hermana, ustedes son Celestiales, una bendición para esta Misión, se que cambiaron el corazón de Hna Huaccha.

I don`t have time to translate it, sorry! But google translate it, or ask dad! haha love you!