Thursday, April 30, 2015

Preach My Chicken Wings

April 27, 2015
Helllloooooo family

How the weeks are just flying. I worry that I won`t have anything to say to you guys because the time just goes by so fast, but I will rack my brain so I can share something practically interesting. (I hope) 
So on Monday we went and taught Barbara. I´m so sorry but I can never remember what I told you guys the weeks before or who I talked about so I`ll just explain again real quick. She is living with a menos activa family that are helping her leave the drugs. She`s like really receptive and just awesome and she`s 15. Anyway we taught  about the word of wisdom and she was like well I smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and I can`t try to quit right now because I`m quitting drugs and that `s a lot at once.  We totally understood, that would be way hard. So we`re like dang it, she`s going to be a long process but that`s fine. So then we went on Monday and taught her and she was sick so we taught her in her room while she was in bed. She goes, you know I`ve come to a decision. And we`re like oh noo.. and she says, I`m not going to.. and we`re just like no no no don`t leave us! ...smoke anymore. WHAT??? we`re like wait what, seriously??? And she says, being sick I just can`t breath, I have to always sit up straight, sleep sitting up because my lungs can`t breath when I lay down right now and I don`t like not being able to have control over my body so I`m not going to smoke. (Back ground info: She hadn`t gone to church the week before because she was sick.. God works in interesting ways) So that was a total miracle!! But then she didn`t come to church yesterday because she told her cousin she`d go listen to him play some musical instrument in his church. Dang it! I should have told her that I`ll be playing the piano at ours!! Gahhhh! Yeah ok next week next week....
This week we also have the ummmm.. honor? of doing the stand. Ok so to be honest doing the stand kinda sucks because it`s so heavy and you have to transport it down to the plaza with public transportation and then set it up and the stand broke weeks ago so our zone leaders jimmy rigged it using pvc pipes so it`s verging on ghetto and everyone just laughs at the gringas trying to set it up or take it down. BUT once you finally get it up and are there doing it, it`s great. We stand there and contact people walking by. Mostly they want nothing to do with us, they`re all in a hurry to get somewhere or other, so it ends up being a lot of smiling and saying hola, buenas, over and over a thousand times. Over the time of standing there I noticed that no one ever walks by smiling. Everyone is frowning and looks sad. We started doing a smiling count and the first day we got 6 and it was because they were walking and talking with a friend. BUT when we said hi to them, they always at least smirked, but most smiled, and some even said hi back! I realized that the world really just needs a smile sometimes. That really a smile can make so much of a difference. It was awesome to be able to see people looking really sad or grumpy change to smile. Their entire face just changed in an instant! A lot of people even would turn around after they passed us to say hi, because they didn`t realize at first that we were talking to them. And most of the people that came over to talk to us, didn`t want anything to do with learning more about Christ but just wanted to thank us for what we were doing because they recognized that what we were doing was something good. It`s really sad to think that doing good has become such a rare thing in modern day society. But people need good in their lives. They really feel the lack of it in their life. Even though the time we spent doing the stand didn`t leave us with many good contacts to be able to teach, I felt awesome that we could make a difference. I know that they passed by feeling better and really that`s the essence of not only missionary work, but the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. Making ourselves and others just feel good. That`s honestly what made me want to serve a mission, because the gospel makes me feel good. It makes me happy. And that`s the reason most people end up getting baptized. Because they just feel good about it. 
Funny story of the week. Doing the stand a lady stopped to talk to us because we`re gringas and we tried to give her a pass a long card and on the bottom of the card are little pictures of random people smiling on the bottom and she looks at it and she says,  you guys aren`t on the card and we`re like well no. and she hands the card back and she says, I want one with pictures of you guys and we`re like well we dont`have one and so then she just walks away hahaha. Also I said hi to this random girl walking by and she took off running... Literally people ran away from us! hahahahaha the joys of missionary work. I love it so much!
But that`s about it for this exciting week! I hope you all can do something small to make someone turn their frown upside down! You`ll feel good, they`ll feel good, everyone wins! Also you`ll look a lot prettier :) 
I love you all, have a great week! 
con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans

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