Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Empty Tomb

April 6, 2015

Hellloooo my wonderful family!! I love you guys so much! 

This week was amazing. I just feel so happy to be a missionary ALL THE TIME: It´s literally the very best. 
This week started out interesting. I had intercambios so this time I went to another area to work with one of the Hermanas there. We go to lunch and it´s with this cooky old lady. We enter the house and it was all almost normal, with just little details off... She had this tree in the corner but with huge pears growing off it and the pillows rested above the couch not on it and there was this huge old horse tapestry hanging on the wall. I felt like I was in an Alice in Wonderland house or something. Then we sit down at this huge table and there was only two places set. She tells us to start eating and then just leaves us. Super weird... But it was fine, the salad tasted good and everything. Then I go to take a drink of what looks like apple juice or something. BLAH! I don´t even know. We were like what the heck is this??? My guess was weed water. It tasted like she´d watered her plants outside and then served us the water that came out the other side of the window box or something. So when she came in to give us the soup course I asked her what kind of drink it was. She´s like oh it´s agua de hierbas, I can´t stand normal water... I WAS RIGHT! WEED WATER! When she left we almost busted out laughing. Then she brings out the lunch... It looked like rice with beef cooked with vegetables. One of my favorite things to eat here so I was totally down. But then as we were eating, my companion was like, what kind of meat is this? I´m like beef? And she´s like I don´t know.. it tastes kind of sweet and the texture is kind of off.. I realized she was right. We´re like what the heck are we eating. My companion got a little freaked out because she thought it was horse meat. But we just kept eating it and I pretended it was beef, even though it didn´t taste like it should. So then when the lady came back, I asked her what kind of meat it was and she looks at me kind of funny and she´s like it´s kidney. I´m like OH! KIDNEY! Wow, and then I told her that it was really good because I felt awkward and didn´t know what else to say. She was like of course it is, that´s why I make it. So yeah. I ate kidney. Honestly it wasn´t as bad as it sounds. But still.... I´m not down to eat it again. But then listen to this! So I was telling another member back in my branch about the kidney lunch and how my companion thought it was horse meat but it was really kidney and I was grateful that it at least wasn't horse. And the lady was like well you know the meat you eat in  chorasscos or hamburgers from the little local places? That´s usually horse. So basically I´ve been eating horse meat too and didn´t even know it. The joys of living in Chile right?
To answer your questions about Teresa. She´s really sick. We saw her only one time and she´s lost a lot more weight, which I didn´t think was possible, she was already SO thin and she has less hair. We´ve passed by a lot more but she just can´t get out of bed to answer the door or isn´t home. I´m super worried about her. Please please please keep her in your prayers. We don´t really know what to do, but we´re going to keep passing by and seeing if we can help.
Olga is just a disaster right now. We taught her again and she seemed like she was getting over what happened and then we invited her to be baptized again and she was like well what good is baptism going to do be if I´m not going to go to church again... Ah! She´s a prideful old woman that just can´t forgive or understand. It´s really sad. Really really sad that she´s letting something so small prevent her from all the glorious blessings of the gospel. We´re going to try to pass by with our mission leader so he can talk to her, but I think that we´re going to have to leave her.. So sad.
This past weekend has just been spiritual overload down here and I´ve loved every second. We had our leader counsel with Presidente on Friday who actually talked about a lot of what they talked about at conference. Chastity and humility. I was so sure, SO SURE, that he was going to be called as a general authority. He´s always so aligned with everything! Next year though, I´m telling you! And then of course GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Which of course I just loved! Did it seem weird to anyone else though that President Monson didn´t open or close the conference?? I really hope that he´s doing ok. My favorite talks were the guy that talked about dancing and music. Do you know how to dance? Can you teach me to dance? Dancing without music is both awkward and unfulfilling hahaha that part made me laugh. I loved though how he said that learning the dance steps takes discipline but the joy of dance comes when we hear the music and it becomes something natural. It was just a great analogy all around! Also though my number one favorite of them all was the one by Kevin W. Pearson!! I loved it! It reminded me alot of the talk from last conference by Jorg. To hang in there is not a principle of the gospel. We gotta stay by the tree! There was just a lot of good one liners there. And of course my homie Elder Holland delivered as usual. It was just a great Easter weekend.
It´s funny how Easter really isn´t that big of a thing here like it is in the States. But I will say it was totally weird to see people walking around with big crosses on their back on Friday.

Hermana Hansen and I colored eggs! We made eggs for all the missionaries in our zone since we´re all basically gringos. It was so funny how excited everyone got! They all took selfies with their eggs haha! I think if the whole college thing doesn´t seem to go my way I´ll become the Easter bunny because it felt good to make everyone so happy with a simple egg. (But don´t worry, that college thing will totally work out). I loved what Elder Holland said about Easter. That it is the most sacred day of the year for a special remembrance of Brotherly hands that saved us.... And what Uchtdorf said, that on that day our lives changed forever.

These past days I´ve been reflecting a lot on how grateful I am for Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice for us and how absolutely amazing it is and how little I really understand or can comprehend all of it. I´ll never ever understand all that Christ went through and the love that he has and how the spirit gives me, as Elder Cook put it so perfectly, a peace that surpasses all understanding. It makes me just want to live in such a way that I can return to Him and thank Him!. He lives. He is a perfect resurrected being. Although He is perfect in every way, shape and form, He loves us so that He chooses to wear His scars, so that one day we´ll never have to wear ours. It´s amazing the plan God has for us. It really gives me an eternal perspective. I know what is most important and that is, returning to live with Him as a family. That empty tomb makes it all possible. We always have an opportunity more to try again. Oh it is wonderful! 
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

The decorated Easter eggs
Samantha and her companion, Haley Hansen


Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference


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