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April 13, 2015

Hello family!!!! 

I hope you all had a great week! The weeks feel like they are just flying! Does it feel the same for you guys too? 
This week was great, here are some of the highlights:
We had interviews with President. This was the first time that I was not totally nervous before. I just really, really, really love President Kahnlein. He is so amazing. The spirit that he has with him is so strong. I love that I can know that he would never do anything against the will of God and that He follows the Savior and the promptings in every way. He has taught me so much by his example.  When he talks to you it just love. It also was my last interview with him as they are finishing their mission in July so the next interview I have will be with the new mission president. I`m just so grateful for Pres. Kahnlein and everything he and his wife have done and do. Seriously, they are just the best. 
Then we found a menos active (less active member). Really it`s not that surprising knocking on a door or stopping to talk with some random person in the street and they`re like oh actually I`m Mormon, I got baptized years ago, I just never go. Literally a third of the Chilean population have been baptized in the church. Does a third of the population come to church?? that`s a completely different story. Anyway so we go into the lesson with this less active member and her son is there and he`s in his 20's and is being all mopey and anti social because I guess he`s sick. So then this girl comes over who`s his friend or something and they set up this IV right there at the dining room table and hook him up to it! I`m like ok what the heck is going on! The mom is like oh just be careful. I guess they`re studying in this 2 year medical course in school or something. And then so we`re just talking and getting to know them and as we go to share a scripture the kid just totally passes out so the mom is  freaking out, he`s hooked up to this ghetto IV, seeing the kid pass out makes me feel all queasy inside so I`m praying not to throw up. Then as he comes back to consciousness, he thtows up. Awesome. So obviously the spirit just wasn`t going to be in that lesson. We finish it up and leave and put a cita (appointment) to come back this week. She said she`s going to give us once! So I`m down.
The other day, Friday was just a miracle day. We hadn`t really had a lot of luck the other days of the week and Friday was intercambios. So I stayed in my sector and had another hermana come and work with me there. We didn`t have any citas, Ok lie, we did,  but they all fell through... so basically we didn`t. And I was like no, we`re going to make this a day of miracles! We are literally going to talk with every single person we see and we are going to find new investigadors. The first person I see after that is this kinda sketchy looking guy.. but I didn`t care, he`s a child of God too. So I start talking to him and he stops and is interested. Then he realizes that I`m talking about religion and I try to give him a pass a long card. He`s like oh no thanks and then tries to keep walking and I say, wait, why not?? And he just looks at me with his crazzzy hair and says because I`m Jesus Christ. hahaha Ok.... well then I totally understand because in that case you clearly wouldn`t need this then. People are just crazy. So then we start contacting on a street that we hadn`t contacted yet. We found a menos activo after a few rejections. She was open to us coming back another day AND she has two teenagers that aren`t members! SCORE! Then a few doors down we find ourselves with Nicholas. Who`s just great. At first he said that he actually doesn't believe in God, he just believes in himself  and that he can do the things with his own strength and that he can help others. I said, that`s great but what happens when we have moments of weakness or when things happen in our lives that we just can`t control. Where do you find hope and strength then? That made him think, so we shared a scripture in The Book of Mormon in Ether about weaknesses being made strong in Christ and he loved it. Then he said, you know, just today I was thinking that I need to find a way to heal myself and just clean myself of my past.... That is seriously music to missionaries ears! So obviously we talked to him about baptism and invited him to be baptized. (That is seriously my absolute favorite thing to do as a missionary, inviting people to be baptized in contacts on the street. I love the power of the calling) And he said he would actually love to do that, but didn't feel ready for it. Anyway turns out that he didn`t live there, he lives in the Elders sector. So we got his address and passed it to those lucky elders. Then a few doors down from him an atheist answered the door. Doesn`t believe in anything. It was so cool, we just straight shared our testimonies that God DOES exist and that he does love us and that through his plan our families CAN be together forever! And you know what, he didn`t close the door. He listened. He commented, we testified, shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and he listened. and slowly you could just see a change in his face. Slowly. He really wanted to believe that what we were saying was true. And he let us put a cita to come back. That`s my other favorite thing about being a missionary. I`ve learned that success doesn`t come in how many baptisms you have or how many investigadors you have coming to church, but it`s in the number of hearts that you can touch and about making people be able to feel the spirit of God telling them that what they are hearing is true. People don`t always follow those feelings, but if I can get someone to feel that, I feel like I am completing my duty as a missionary and I just LOVE IT!
Anyway I`ve run out of time now so I have to go, but I hope you have a great week! Think of someone you can share a part of your testimony with, even if they don`t believe in God, you never know who`s heart you will be able to touch. 

I love you all so much!!!
con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans

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