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Let The Thunder Roll

March 30, 2015

Helllllloooo mi familia!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMITA!"!!!! So glad you got the letter in time!! I`m glad you had a great day!

Crazy it`s Spring break there for you guys! My sence of time is just gone now haha.

Ok so first things first, we had cambios this past week and.......... drum roll please!.......... I stayed!!!!!! In Chorrillos! With Hermana Hansen!! So now we`ll be companions until May! Crazy! I totally thought I was going to leave because we already had 2 cambios together and I`ve never had anymore than 3 cambios in an area but hey, not this time! I`m actually really happy about it all! And now we`re no longer in a trio.  Hermana Huaccha went to one of the areas that we do intercambios with and is in a trio there now so we`ll still see her and work with her. So it`s all good!
Ok so crazy. Tuesday night we`re sleeping and we just start hearing all this rumbling. I just assumed it was earthquakes because there`s always earthquakes here and so I just rolled over and kept sleeping. But we kept hearing them. So the Hermana got up (we`re still in a trio at this point) and was like oh my gosh! (ok she didn`t say that exactly, I mean she speaks Spanish) but we got up to see what was going on and there was a huge lightning storm! It was her first time seeing lighting so she was kinda freaked out but I just thought it was cool! The best part was that our view from the window is of the ocean so we got to see the lightning going into the ocean!! Way cool. Totally bummed that my groggy 5 in the morning brain didn`t think to go get my camera.. oh well.
This week we were in charge of doing the stand. Ok so first the stand is just the worst. It`s super heavy and transporting it on public locomotion and walking with it.... it`s a nightmare. Also we`re always full with appointments so it`s just an inconvenience sometimes. I should probably have a better attitude... So finally we suck it up and go down and do it and guess what happens. It rains!!!! It just straight starts pouring down rain!!! hahahaha it was one of those moments when you just have to laugh. Like that totally would happen. It never rains here this time of year. Although it was way funny seeing how everyone gets way freaked out when there was thunder, which also doesn`t happen here. But these nice hippie people helped us move everything under a tree so we could take the freakin stand apart. So see, even in the rain and with the stand there`s blessings!
The cutest thing ever happened.... We were contacting a house and this little boy was out front. The mom was busy but was very nice and told us to come back the next week. Then this cute little boy who wears goggle glasses and talks like a little cartoon character tells me I have the prettiest smile he`s ever seen and that I have really white teeth! hahahaha so cute!!! He made me feel like a Disney princess for the rest of the day!
This week I was asked to play piano for a funeral. The mom of our lider misional`s wife died. She was really old and was really sick. She couldn`t talk or move or do anything so it was sad, but at least she`s not suffering. I just played hymns and the people gave really pretty testimonies of the plan of salvation. I walked away feeling really really really grateful for the knowledge that we have of God`s plan and the eternal perspective it gives us. The gospel really can bring us hope and joy even in the most darkest times. I`m so so so grateful for that and that this is the message that we get to share everyday.
We put on a branch activity. We did a minute it to win it kind of thing! It was way way super fun! Everyone got really competitive. We just basically had them do a bunch of funny games. Even sweet Nora was participating. Everyone really like it, so that felt really good!
We started talking with Gabriela`s brother this week. He was listening to the missionaries before but he has a terrible drinking problem. He told us that he wants to change and that he wants to be baptized and everything but doesn't think he could give up drinking permanently. We got to talk about the power of the atonement and repentance and how we`re here to progress and not be perfectly perfect. I know that he`s going to get baptized, I just don`t know if it`s his time yet. He didn`t come to church Sunday....But you know who did?? DAVID! He`s that old man that always talks about the time he died but then came back to life.... He came on his own! And then we ended up teaching gospel principles class 2nd hour and we invited him to be baptized right then and he said yes! What a great blessing!!! So I hope everything works out there!
 That`s about it for the highlights of the week! Everything is great here! I think Viña is one of the greatest places ever! I love everything and I feel so grateful for everything I`m able to see and learn and experience. Literally I feel like I personally do nothing, but I get to watch the spirit in action every day, touch the hearts of the people and see them slowly change. It`s just the best!
I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!!!!!!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

This is what the mission president wrote to the girls:
The first two he sent to hermana hansen, the bottom two to me! YES! (A 7 in chile is like a A plus!)

Hicieron excelentemente bien su trabajo, thanks!
Hermana, gracias por todo el trabajo para ayudarla, lo hicieron de 7!

PD: Gracias por ayudarla a cambiar, yo puedo ver el cambio!
PD: Hermana, ustedes son Celestiales, una bendición para esta Misión, se que cambiaron el corazón de Hna Huaccha.

I don`t have time to translate it, sorry! But google translate it, or ask dad! haha love you!

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