Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Be Valiant!!!!!!

September 29, 2014

Hola familia!

Ahhhhhhh another week has passed and almost another month. I seriously can´t believe it´s like October... I have no clue where the heck this year has gone. It gives me a little anxiety thinking that there´s only like 3 months left of the year. 
The weeks go by so fast that I'm struggling a little to remember what even happened since I last wrote you. Well this week we did have a zone conference with Pres. Kahnlein and his wife. They are so awesome! Presidente started with talking about where we have our ¨mira puesta¨ or where/in what is our view. To what are we looking. It should always be in Christ. It was very motivational. Another thing he spoke of was the need to be valiant. I thought that was kind of an interesting topic to choose but when he started talking, he told us that he felt very strongly that this was the message the Lord wanted us to hear. He talked about being valiant as an attribute of Christ and that many times in life and missionary work we can be put in situaciones where there is a need to stand for what is right. I really liked the topic of being valiant. It made me think about how much good examples are needed because though it may not seem like a lot, the very act of being an example and standing for what we believe is an act of valiance (is that even a word? Whatever. I guess I´m a true Chilean now because I´m making up my own words haha) It may not seem like a lot but I firmly believe that when we stand and set an example we are also inviting others to stand and to be an example. It´s a silent way of saying, there´s no shame in not following what the world teaches, there´s a better way. I came away thinking of what I´m doing in the lessons/contacts in the street that SHOWS I know the church is true. Am I loving? Am I assertive? Am I confident? Am I Christ-like? Am I valiant? I think valiant is a little more than being brave, but being diligent and true as well. It was interesting because right after the conference we were in a lesson with a new investigador who brought us a nice cold glass of coke. I love coke. But one of the rules we have in our mission is no caffeine, which means no coke. So it´s always a little awkward saying no, especially because the people always get offended... so I just thanked her a lot and said that as missionaries, we don´t drink coke. She just kept insisting that we drink it. I know coke is not a big deal at all but obedience is obedience right, and I learned that being valiant, though it is noble, is very uncomfortable... haha so we just said no and put it on the table at the side. The lesson was a little rough afterward because I don´t think that she was pleased with us but at least we left the house feeling good about ourselves and not weighed down by regret. It´s totally a parallel for life. Sometimes because of the world we live in,  the gospel is not always a comfortable gospel. We have to step out of the comfort zone and sometimes stand alone. And we feel awkward and we could even think, aww, I might as well just do it, just this once, it won´t make a difference. But it will make a difference because afterward we´re going to feel the regret, we´re going to receive the consequences. But I don´t know about you, but I´d much rather be a little uncomfortable now and  without regrets later than the reverse. The gospel saves us from being weighed down by the rocks of consequence and the burden of regret. I know that as we live valiant to the truths and the standards we know to be true we will always walk away with heads high and hearts happy. 
Anyway besides from the conference this week nothing too exciting happened. We´re teaching this one guy, Franco, not to be confused with DJFrankyFly, this is another. When we first met him he had some really weird concepts of religion. When I asked him who is God, he told us that God is in all places but no place and that even at times he, himself, is God.  Quite a character. When I asked him what he does during the day, he told me that he takes walks and looks at the sky and drinks mate alone in parks. When we asked him what is happiness to him, he in turn asked us what is happiness? I´m not sure I know what this is, he said. But he finally came to church yesterday! And we had a lesson with him Friday that was one of the lessons when the spirit was the most strong that I´ve had in all my mission. We´re really trying to help him understand who is God and Jesus Christ, because if he doesn´t have that base, nothing more we have to teach him will resonate. Anyway Friday we were talking about how to recognize our answers to prayers. I had this feeling come really strongly to me that I needed to share my testimony of the truthfulness and the need for the gospel in my life. I opened my mouth and I just spoke. I can´t even remember what I said but as I was talking to him I was looking him straight in the eye so he´d know I had no doubt, and I saw something change. I know now I probably sound just as weird as Franco, but there was a difference. I don´t know what, but there was a difference. And then for the first time in like over a month of inviting, he came to church yesterday and is going to institute classes and is going to attend conference. We have a lesson with him tonight and are going to invite him to be baptized! Keep him in your prayers that he can accept the invitaticion!! The gospel is amazing. We all need it. It´s truer than true.
Well I have to go now, but I love you all! Until next week!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazòn,
Hermana Evans

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Strongest Medicine: Prayer

September 22, 2014

Hola familia mía!

I love hearing about your week. I´m so sorry to hear about one of your chickens, mom. I can´t say that I know if we get to have our animals we´ve lost in the next life. This isn´t doctrine or anything but I believe that they have to be there right?? Where else would their spirit go? But I am glad to hear that you gave it a funeral instead of eating it for lunch--you´re not completely a 19th century woman...yet ;)
But that reminds me. So this past week it was 18 de Septiembre, which is like their 4th of July only they celebrate it like crazy. It was like a 4 day weekend and everything. But one of the menos activas (less active members) that we visit invited us to come over and eat empanadas with her. So we went and she has this old oven in her back yard that she literally lights the top and inside on fire to cook. She says it goes a lot faster than the normal-ish oven inside. It made me think of something you would do! haha. But I can´t even lie. They were the best empanadas that I've ever eaten so I´m 100 percent on board with the horno del fuego! (fire oven).
But yeah, this past week was 18 de Sept. The day I´ve listened to just about every Chilean talk about since the moment I arrived here. It´s almost like they´ve got it confused with Christmas with how much hype there is about it. But really I think it´s more of an excuse to drink and eat a lot. We ate a lot of asado which is like Bbq and empanadas and mote con huesillo (but I stayed away from that last one.. I already learned my lesson with that and I´m not in the mood to throw up in a bus ever again, thank you very much). But now I can say that I´ve celebrated an dieciocho en Chile. Check that off the bucket list! haha 
To answer your questions before I forget:
1. Fleas. They´re terrible. I think the current count of bites I have right now is a rough 22! 
2. I have been nipped at a few times by dogs. I wasn´t super crazy about dogs before the mission but now I am by far convinced that cats are WAY better than dogs. I know hate is a strong word... but it actually might be the perfect word for these dogs.  
3. No, my fitted sheet is still in perfect shape.
4. Really it depends on how cold the night is to have a sleeping bag. For a few months there I was freezing cold during the night, but now it´s not quite as cold so it´s way better. 
5. We have pans to bake with but we don´t really bake so it doesn´t really matter. 
6. My tooth is doing WAY better. Seriously I really don´t understand what happened. Because it was bothering me more or less for like a week and a half. And then last week the pain was almost unbearable so I called the nurse but I couldn´t get an appointment until this week since no one was working the week of the 18th. I have great timing I know. So I was taking a lot of ibuprofen which didn´t do anything to take away the pain. What I needed was like Vicadin or something. And one night the pain was SO strong that I was just praying and praying and honestly thank you so much for your prayers too, because the next day, no pain. and the day after that, nothing, the next day, nada. I haven´t felt any pain or anything at all since last Tuesday. Honestly the power of prayer is way stronger than any medication. Seriously, gracias from the bottom of my heart. Hermana Kahlein, the wife of the mission president called me today to see how it was but I told her that I haven´t been in pain so we decided that for now we´re going to hold off on the dentist. Honestly, it´s a miracle. Thank you for your prayers! 
I was thinking a lot about prayer. Mission President Kahlein said something interesting a while back. He asked us to think of our last spiritual experience. So I´m thinking of a lesson we had a few days back where the spirit was really strong.... Then, he says that if the experience hasn´t been since the last time we prayed, we need to work on our prayers... That really opened my eyes because we all know that prayer is how we communicate with God and all those beautiful things we say about it in church. But I´d never thought about it as a spiritual EXPERIENCE. How cool is that? I read the Book of Mormon in Spanish now and one thing I love about it is that when the people pray, it doesn´t use the word pray (orar) that often. But it uses words like clamò (cried), suplicò (begged), ruegò  derramò (shed all of his soul) and more. These words or verbs, give a sense of more urgency, desire, and heart than just the word 'pray'. What verbs would describe our prayers? Do we really realize how much power are in our prayers? Do we realize who we are talking to? Do we understand the love He has for us? Do our prayers reflect the love we feel for Him? For me, this past week prayer was my strongest medicine. And for us it can be more than just medicine, it can be comfort, love, the first and last resort. It is so amazing!
Bueno, I think now I´m starting to rant so I´ll sign off. But know that I love you all and I pray, really pray, for you guys every day. I love, love, love you!!!
Hasta la proxima semana!
Con todo el amor en mi corazòn, 
Hermana Ebans

Pretty road in the middle of nowhere!

Street where I live

Flags everywhere celebrating September 18th (Chile's 4th of July)

Baking empanadas in a horno de fuego (fire oven)

Making empanadas with Hermana Laura Ella who is a less active
member of the church, but invited me and my companion to
celebrate 18th of September

Beautiful sunset in Lemache

Monday, September 15, 2014

Patience, Perseverence, and Blessings!!!!

September 15, 2014
I hope this email finds you all happy and healthy!
My week this week was super great! Last Monday I got an interesting phone call from our zone leaders asking me to play piano the next day at a funeral in the otro pueblo. They didn´t have anyone there that knows how to play so we went. It was a beautiful service. The man had like 92 years so it wasn´t like anything dramatic. The daughter gave a beautiful talk about her family and it was all really centered on eternal families. I felt especially grateful at this time to have a knowledge of God´s plan for us. I thought I was just going to play the opening and closing hymns but then the grandkids of the man asked me to accompany them in 2 musical numbers. I don´t know if I've ever prayed so hard to not make mistakes!  haha But it all went well.
The Lord really is working his Milagros (miracles) here in little ole Limache. I don´t even know where to start. So the investigadores we´ve had for basically the past 2 months are doing the same ole same ole, not progressing. We set citas (appointments) and then they aren´t there. They finally are there but then they don´t have time. So I´ve been praying pretty hard to find people that will fulfill with their commitments and are ready to be baptized. So we´re walking down the street Tuesday and we walk by this girl with her cute baby and we say hi like always and continue on our way. And as we were walking I think why didn´t we contact her. She has a cute baby, that family should be eternal too. So I turned around and asked her if we could give her a card. (We´re using these awesome pass along cards right now that have questions like ¨How can I raise a strong, secure, and happy family?¨) So she was like yeah of course so then we just started talking with her and she was super nice so I asked if we could visit her in her house one day and she said yes so we put the day for Friday. Friday we went back and had the most pleasant chat with her. We introduced the Libro del Mormòn (Book of Mormon). She told us that her son is the most important thing and that she´s known a few Mormon families and they´re always really united and she wants that for themselves. And she lives with her mom and brother--do you know how amazing that is????? Because everyone here lives with their partners without being married. We invited her to come to church and she said yeah, she´d love to! And then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! And then get this. We called her the next night to remind her about church and she was like no don´t worry I remember. And then guess what! When we walked into the chapel Sunday, who was already there sitting in the front row?????? She was!!! Oh my gosh. Please keep her, Barbara, in your prayers. She is so precious!
Then last week we also passed by an antiguo investigador (past investigator) Margarita. She was in an accident of some sort so she has a little bit of brain damage still, for example she can´t read anymore and it´s hard for her to walk. But she has the most faith I´ve ever seen. She has this strong desire to follow Christ and she told us about some terrible things that have happened to her but when she´d pray she said she could feel Christ at her side. So of course we invited her to follow Christ´s example and be baptized and she said yes too!! And we invited her to church and she said yes! and asked if we could pass by for her. So we show up at her house Sunday morning at the time we said and she opens the door and tells us she overslept so she can´t go. I just thought ¨nuh uh, we did not just walk 25 minutes in the opposite direction of the church for you to tell us no. You´re going.¨ of course I just thought this. But she asked us if we wanted to come in for a minute to which I said yes! When we walked in I was like What do you mean you´re not ready??? You look perfect! Let´s go!¨ And she was like, like this?? Noo.. no.. but after a little more Chilean sweet talk we got her to agree but she wanted to get her jacket. So we´re waiting for like almost 10 minutes for her and I´m starting to stress right? Because I´m like I don´t want Barbara to get to the church and we´re not there and she doesn´t know what to do or where to go so she leaves and church starts in like 15 minutes and Margarita walks super slow and what if we can´t find a cab in time. So I´m like what the heck is taking so long and getting impatient. (Patience is the Christ-like attribute I´m working on developing right now..) And then sweet, sweet Margarita comes out in the most mixed matched outfit I´ve ever seen in my life. Bright red sweat pants with a pink and orange paisley shirt with this frumpy star sweater over the top and this hot pink floral scarf. And she has the most grand smile on her face. Literally she was glowing! I'm ready she says! She was just beaming. I don´t think I´ve ever seen a more beautiful sight. The fact that she put in all that effort because dressing herself can´t be easy with her disability, to look ¨nice¨ for the church was just touching. I could tell that she really wanted to wear something special and even though she maybe was a little off the mark for my personal fashion sense, I was so touched by the effort she made. How many times in my life have I just put something on quickly for church without a second thought? But she realized she was going to the Lords´house of prayer and wanted to do something special for that. I learned a lot from that frumpy sweater sweat pant combination. 

AND ok so we have this other investigador, Franco. He´s the one who showed up at church by himself like a month ago. I call him DJ FrankyFly because he works as a DJ Saturday nights. It´s actually hilarious that that was his job because he´s like this awkward 58 year old man. So he got this job as a DJ right after he came to church that one time and because he works at a club Saturday nights he never came to church again because he doesn´t get home until like 6 in the morning Sunday. BUT Friday night at VAS (the old single adult family home evening) He told us that he quit his job as a DJ because it was preventing him from attending church with us!!! WHAT?????????? I was in shock! He was just like yeah. MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn´t believe it. We have an appointment with him tomorrow so we´re going to invite him to be baptized! Keep DJ FrankyFly in your prayers too that he´ll accept a date and will be baptized too!

So basically it was just a week of miracles here. Really I know that the Lord hears our prayers. We´ve been fasting and praying fervently to have investigadores that progress the past weeks and it wasn´t until finally this last week that we are starting to see fruits. The Lord really does listen to us. When He doesn´t seem to be listening I think really He is just telling us. Just wait. I was reading in the Book of Mormon his morning about the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger who are like the most amazing missionaries ever to exist and there´s a part where the Lord tells them bear your burdens with patience and then I will give you success. And that made me stop and think wait. Here you have these guys that want to go out and save Your other children, why isn´t it more of a they´re helping you so you´ll help them by not having afflictions. Like I´ll help you, you´ll help me kind of deal. But really how is it that we grow? Through our hard times. Through our afflictions. Maybe it´s our afflictions that prepare us for our successes. It´s our afflictions that make the successes THAT much more sweeter. It´s the afflictions that give the success value and importance. Through their afflictions the Lord molded Ammon and Omni and Aaron and Himni and Alma into the amazing example of perseverance and diligence and faithfulness that they are. So I realized that as I was fasting and praying and it seemed that no one was progressing and that my efforts were being wasted that the Lord was preparing these other 3 people for the gospel AND preparing me to teach these people the gospel. I have no clue what´ll happen in the coming week but I am grateful for this lesson that I learned and I have a strengthened testimony that the Lord does listen and really He is doing His work here in Limache as in the rest of the world. 

I love you all so much and hope you guys have a fantastic week!!!!!!! 
The church is true. 

Con todo el amor en mi corazòn,
Hna. Evans

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Fuerza Of The Lord!

September 8, 2014
Hola familia!!!
I hope this finds you all well and good! Here, it´s a beautiful day as the sun is just starting to break through the fog. We haven´t had sun here for like 6 days so I´m rooting that in an hour or so all the clouds will be gone and it´ll be a beautiful day! I´m counting down the days for Spring... haha.

Yesterday the time changed here so it´s nice having more light in the evenings. But I don´t think I ever remember the time changing in September, or at least at the very beginning of September... Did the time change there too?? Who knows, maybe I just have a really bad memory... It´s weird the things from home that I just can´t seem to remember anymore. My compañera was asking me what my favorite movies were yesterday and I couldn´t for the life of me remember hardly any.  The thought of sitting down and watching a movie seems like really weird. I don´t think I could right now.  I think it would just give me anxiety sitting and not doing anything for that long of a time! haha. So I guess it´s good that we have a lot of work to do here.

This week we had the ¨estand¨ which we had to do for 4 hours everyday. It´s this big stand that has a question like ¨How can I find peace and happiness?¨ ¨How can I know if God has a plan for me?¨ ¨How can I raise a family strong, safe, and firm?¨ and we just stand there with it and talk to the people that stop and ask about it. It´s a great idea but because Limache is more campo (rural) and less busy with people walking through the streets, we didn´t have that much luck. But we did find two really good future investigadores so I mean if even one of them gets baptized, it's definitely worth the hours of nothing. But I memorized a few hymns in Spanish during the time so it wasn´t for nothing. 

Because we were doing the stand all week that meant that we didn´t have as much time to teach and find new investigadores. But we did start teaching this new guy who went to school with one of the youth in our ward. He´s an interesting character. He´s read a lot about religion and philosophy. Like a lot. I´m talking everything from Greek and Roman philosophy to ancient Indian beliefs. And it´s like he takes it all as truth and so he´s concluded some of the weirdest things and his answers are always contradicting each other.. (When I asked him who is God, he replied with God is everything and everywhere and at times I myself am God.) But we taught him the plan of salvation and it actually went really well. He said that a lot of it seemed familiar to him. But if he prays, really wanting to receive an answer, I know he´ll get one. So we´ll just see where it goes. For the mean time I have to admit it´s kind of entertaining talking with him. Odd ball for sure, but a good guy none the less. 
Also Saturday Ignacio got baptized!!! This was the highlight of my week!! He was one of the investigadores that we were teaching when I was with Hna. Ulloque with ALL of Limache. He´s a friend of Rodrigo, one of the YSA in the barrio. Ignacio was a little duro (stubborn) at the beginning. Did I mention that he counts the tithing for the Catholic Church... But one lesson we had, he came to us and was like, I don´t want to get on my knees anymore, I know the church is the true church. I don´t want to wait, I´m getting baptized! And it was just like that. It´s kinda funny because I think we taught him the restoration like 3 or 4 times and it was just like he wasn´t getting the importance of authority and we´d always just be like pray about it. And that was the one thing he wouldn´t do... haha I would have to make deals with him to get him to pray at the end of the lessons. But then he finally prayed and he received his answer! Gosh. It´s so crazy simple I love it. His baptism was super lindo (beautiful)! Marcel, this viejito (old man) that has been a member for almost a year now, gave a talk. He´s a hoot. He literally is like Mr. Bean, talks like Mr. Bean, is goofy like Mr. Bean, Chilean Señor Porotoes. Anyway I don´t think he really understood how to give a talk but he got up and just talked about what his baptism meant to him. He told us that he´d been having a hard week and that the people outside of the church are bad and mean to him but that his Padre Celestial gives him the strength everyday to continue on. He talked about the strength--FUERZA--that he has in his life with so much animo and so much sincerity that it moved me to tears. You know, I think I´m a little jealous, for lack of a better, more righteous word haha, of all the people that join the church when they´re older. Because whenever I listen to people talk about their baptism, it´s like the moment that changed their life. It´s the moment when they´re life went from good to amazing. They talk about how they still have the same problems and worries but they have this fuerza from the gospel that fills them with hope and happiness. They can see this grand difference in their life and they hold this memory and their baptism and really the gospel of Jesus Christo so close and dear to their heart. It motivates them in everything they do. I was born into the church, baptized at 8, so I don´t really have that. I was thinking about that a lot, but I realized that for me, it´s my mission more than my baptism that´s really  my conversion point. My mission is a lot longer than a baptism (talk about pruney)but really it´s changing me. I can relate with the fuerza that Marcel was talking about because I feel it everyday serving the Lord. I love it and I hold the gospel even more dear to my heart, right now than ever before! I love this gospel and I love seeing people really change and become new creatures in Christ. Gosh. Good stuff. 
Well that´s about it for this week but I love you all so much!!! Say your prayers and read your scriptures :)
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hna. Evans

Baptism of Ignacio.  My Argentine Companion is on the far left.

 Ignacio (left), me, and Rodrigo, his friend in the church who baptized him!

Hermana Ulloque, (former comp.) We were the ones who taught Ignacio
and invited him to be baptized!

Happy missionaries!!!

The Capilla (Chapel)

This is the stand that we got to do this week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happily Ever After

September 1, 2014

Hola familia!

First I have to say Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful couple in the world! Would you believe that I actually did remember on the day?? Anyway I love you guys so much! And I can´t tell you how much of a blessing it is to have parents that have been married for as long as you guys have... (cough cough... 31 years...). You guys should give some lessons to the population of Chile... ¨Oh we´re not married but we´ve been living together for 30 years.¨  'Oh that´s interesting and why haven´t you guys gotten married after all this time?¨  ¨Well really we just don´t like the idea of commitment¨  ¨And do you guys have kids together?¨ ¨Yes we have 5¨  "And would you like to live forever with your family?¨ Oh yes, we would like that more than anything.¨  ...............  I just have to shake my head. But thank you for being married and happy! Here´s to an eternity more for us!!

Speaking of marriage, I have news for you guys! This week I was proposed to. It was really romantic actually. This old man stops us in the street and he starts talking to us. At first I wasn´t really listening because I was distracted by the beautiful yellow kernels that used to be his teeth. Anyway he said he was a member of the church, which I didn´t really believe but then he was asking us for a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants. Then he starts asking us where we´re from and all that. Then he starts telling us about his Patriarchal blessing and that it says that one day he will meet a girl more beautiful than the sun and they will be married. And then he looked me right in the eye and asked me to marry him. I felt like I was in a Disney movie. We´d only met a few minutes before and he was already planning the wedding. So I said yes! We will be married next week and live happily ever after! Haha jk..... I told him no, but he was very accommodating and told me that he´d even come to the United States. And even after I said no, he still gave me this old, stretched out hair tie he had around his waist. He put it right on my wrist. My comp was just bursting out laughing!

Anyway this week we had cambios and I was called to be a trainer! I can´t say that I was completely surprised when I got the phone call because a week ago when we were in Viña I was talking to the Mission President in the office while we were waiting for papers and he was like, 'so are you ready to train? He didn´t say anything after that though but I felt like it was probably coming. But my compañera is great! I´m still trying to figure her out though haha, she´s interesting. And has very strong opinions. But I think once she adjusts to the mission she´ll get used to everything and simmer down a little.

So my dream ever since I´ve been in the field is to have a Chilean compañera so I can really understand and learn all the sayings they have here and I can work on and perfect my Chilean accent. And guess where my compañera is from???????? CHILE! But then she moved to Argentina when she was like 3 years old. So much for working on my Chilean accent. By the end of our time together I might need more a(sh)uda (aka ayuda aka help) not talking like an Argentine.. haha. Also like 3 of my compañeras have told me that my Spanish comes out at times like a Mexican. haha, I guess that´s what I get for growing up in California! But then I had a menos activo this week tell me that my Spanish is really good. So who knows what I really sound like....
Also this week, we found a few new investigadores that I´m actually really excited to see what happens. One we found contacting. We started walking down another street but then I felt like we should continue contacting the street we were just on. So we went back and like 2 houses later we found Estaban. He´s in his 20s and has like 10 piercings in his face. He´s studied a lot of religions and was just like yeah but how can I KNOW it´s true without convincing myself something is true because I want it to be true. We showed him the promise at the end of the Book of Mormon that if we read and ponder these things and pray with faith asking if they´re true, we will know the truth of all things. He was like so I just have to read and pray about this? YES! I love that about the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not complicated. God is not a God of complication, he´s a God of simplicity. We just have to ask Him and He´ll respond. I told him that I know that it sounds almost too easy, but really if we just pray with faith we can know.
I´m so glad that we can know for ourselves the truth. I´m so glad we don´t have to rely on the words of others, but we can have our own testimony of who God is, who Jesus Christ is, and what they want for us. The gospel is awesome! It unites people, families and allows for perfect happiness even when we are living in a world that isn´t perfect. With the gospel we really will live happily ever after!
I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 
Oh and Happy Labor Day!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
 Hna. Evans

Email sent to notify us that Samantha was made a Trainer:

From: 2011662@LDSChurch.org
Date: August 29, 2014, 11:49:49 AM PDT
To: claytonevans24@gmail.com
Subject: 4-Trainer


Dear Evans Family, 

I am pleased to inform you that your missionary, Sister Samantha Nicole Evans, has been assigned to serve as a Trainer in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission. One of the most trusted responsibilities in the mission is to teach and to train a new missionary. 

Sister Evans , has prepared for this responsibility through strict obedience and faithful service. She has demonstrated Her willingness to serve the Lord by the example she has set for her companions and leaders and by the progress she has made in her own personal development. 

I know that Sister Evans will magnify this assignment and will be a credit to you, to the mission, and to the Lord. 

Thank you for supporting your missionary throughout the course of her mission. I pray that the Lord may bless you and your family as this great work continues forward.


 Federico M. Kähnlein
Mission President
Chile Vina del Mar Mission