Monday, April 20, 2015

Moses And His Crazy Dreams!!!

April 20, 2015

Hola familia mia!!

Como estan??? Espero que todo este bien allá y que esten disfrutando la primavera.... Ok English transition because I'm pretty sure dad is the only one that understands this right now....... I`m being kind to the rest of you.  :)
This week was wonderful. I don`t think there will ever be any real complaints. I was thinking about it the other day and being on the mission is literally the greatest thing anyone could ever do. It`s seriously this huge break from the world and from temptations and really everything. I don`t know. Even though you spend all day worried about the salvation of other people you just feel good because at least your doing your part. I love that feeling of peace and satisfaction. 
This week we met this woman named Jeanette. She is basically pure gold.  We met her husband the previous week as he drove us in his collectivo. Turns out he`s a menos activo that just moved here from Santiago. We passed by his house and met his wife Jeanette. She is so awesome. She`s a mom with little kids and she believes in God and everything and just wants the best for them. Honestly we didn`t do anything special, we just talked about how the gospel provides a refuge for the family and she just loved everything. When we gave her the Book of Mormon she said, you`re giving me your book!? I don`t have any books here! Wow, you passed yourselves up. Thank you I just feel so good and relaxed now! We were thinking, ' wow you are just pure gold'. Then a few days later we were walking down the hill and we see her standing on the side and we start talking to her and she tells us she locked her keys in the house so she's waiting to see if her husband drives by so she can get his spare. I offer her to use our phone and call him and she was so surprised!!!  I was thinking, oh my gosh God loves us too much because what are the chances of us happening to walk down that street to be able to help her. It`s funny how things work out like that. 
Then ok, funny story..... We`re at Herminia`s house, she`s this 80 year old woman who is  REALLY funny because she is so sarcastic and says everything on her mind. We literally just crack up at all the comments she has about everyone..... So we`re there right and she makes us herbal tea to take. So she has me pour the water out of the huge thermos thing and I pour it in my cup and it`s cold. It`s straight cold. I try to keep myself under control and I look at my companion and I`m like do you want some too and then I just couldn`t help myself and I just bust out laughing and Hermana Hansen totally knows what`s going on and she says, yeah, I'd love some and we`re just laughing and Herminia asks what is so funny so I just cover and I tell her, ' I'm so sorry, I just spilt water on my skirt and now I feel embarrassed so it made me laugh and she says, ' oh did it burn you?? And then we just have a laugh attack and I tell her no, I'm just embarrassed and Herminia says, 'these crazy gringas' and just starts laughing at us hahahaha. oh man, it was SO FUNNY! You had to be there!!!!!
On Friday I had intercambios and got to go to Agua Santa which is down in Viña and it`s a pretty wealthy neighborhood. It`s really, really pretty! We did service for this family (We literally swept the street in front of their house. The street. Why? No clue. Cars literally will drive on it all the time but it`s fine service is service.) But while we were there the lady`s sister and brother in law arrived and she says, I'm so sorry hermanas but I need to attend them. When we finish we go back to the house and the hermana tells us that her dad just died in the U.S but in the U.S they aren`t listed as his children so they have no way to receive all the stuff he left behind. Then she just breaks down crying and is like I don`t know where my dad is. He never got baptized. And just looks at me and says, ' where is he?? Is he suffering? Tell me how he is?? (She`s a menos activa so she doesn`t really remember the plan of salvation). It was so cool to be able to testify of the atonement of Christ and the plan God has for families and that I could assure her with all my heart that they would be together again. Then her sister, who is an active member, hugs her and starts to comfort her and they both start crying. Then the sister says, hey hey, dad is ok. I know that he is ok. You can go and do his work in the temples. This is why there is that work. He is fine, we`re going to be together as a family again. Just pray. The prayers of the righteous are always listened too, they really make a difference.  It was so so special for me to be able to see this family, really applying the gospel in their life and finding peace that surpasses understanding in the simple truths that they feel inside are true. It was so beautiful just to see them there hugging. It was again one of those moments where you`re just like, ' wow, The gospel is so awesome. I`m so grateful for the knowledge we have. 
Then a little later we found a menos activa who is a return missionary and who has a 9 year old son who`s not a member. We taught the son a simple lesson about how to pray and then we asked him if he wanted to say the closing prayer but he got shy suddenly so the mom said it. I think it was one of the first times they`d prayed in a long time because she got really emotional and started crying. When we opened our eyes we could see that the son was crying too. I asked him how he felt and he said really good. and I explained that feeling is how he can know that God listens to his prayers and the prayers of his mom. He said he was going to pray every day now. It was another super beautiful moment to see how through a simple prayer they could feel the spirit together and it was so strong. They received an answer right in that moment that God does know who they are and that he loves them, even if they hadn`t prayed in a really long time, God was still there, waiting and ready to let them know that He loves them. I really just love being a missionary and just being able to be there to witness such tender moments. 
We also met a guy named Pollo this week. That`s really his name. I invited him to be baptized and he looked me straight in the eye and said no!.... You win some and you lose some. Although I think I still win because my name isn`t chicken.! 
Then we met this guy yesterday. We went in and he started telling us about his experiences and beliefs with God. We thought he was crazy. He started telling us that he knows how to see things and connect with spirits and he was like touch my hand and I can show you what I see. I can show you God. And he tells us if we really wanted to know our spirit, he could help us know our inner spirit. Basically at this point were like yeah we don`t want anything to do with this witchcraft crazy stuff and so we were going to leave but he asked why we`re called Mormons and we tell him that actually we`re the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.... and he says oh wow you guys have that big church in Santiago (referring to the temple) and then he tells us that he had a dream about that place and how he went in. And we`re like wow that`s cool, but then the subject changed somehow and we ended up talking a little about the Book of Mormon and so we gave one to him and then he says, ' wow, my girlfriend and I prayed yesterday that we could receive a book full of truth and now you guys are here and you`re giving us this book. And we`re like wow. Literal answer to his prayer. Ok that`s super cool. And then I asked him about his dream. And he says, ' I went in the temple and I went down to the basement and there was a man with lots of books and he was taking all the best parts of all the books and writing it and putting it all together into one book. Then we were like what. the. heck. And we explained about Mormon and how the Book of Mormon came to be. And he says, ' are you serious?? that`s like my dream. And we all just had a moment of silence. So basically the guy went from this crazy, to maybe a future apostle or something...ha ha.. He told us that he knows really well how to feel if something is good or something is bad... Gift Of Discernment. ...So he`s definitely going to read it and get baptized. I don`t know, we gotta invite him next week, yesterday just wasn`t the moment. Oh yeah, and his name is Moses. Need I say more? I`m really excited to go back next week to see what happens!! Like seriously what the heck.
So yeah it was a great week! I`m happy, I`m warm (Chile thinks it`s Summer still or something), I`m healthy, I`m a missionary. All is good. 

Con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Evans


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