Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Por, Para and Pure

February 25, 2014
Hola mi familia encatadora!
This past week has been fabulosa! Can you believe tomorrow is our month mark?? I can't believe I only get to do this like 17 more times! Actually not going to lie, I'm kind of glad I won't be doing the CCM thing specifically for 17 more months.. The routine of the same classes everyday Mon-Sat is getting kind of old. I'm NEVER complaining about school again! Only two weeks left though! But my district is AWESOME so thank goodness for that! The other day we decided our district is legitly  ¨The Office¨. En serio, there's like no better way of explaining us. We got Michael (who ironically is our District Leader), Dwight, Jim/Ryan, Kevin, Andy, Oscar, Pam, Karen, Kelly, and Phyllis. Guess which one I am! Haha. We were dying at how accurately we all fit into the description! I swear the things the Elders get into are seriously as ridiculous as some of the things they do on the show. Ex: Shower Olympics. It's hard to have withdrawls from your favorite show when you feel like you´re living it! We quote it all the time in class and the Maestros are always like ¨What? Who´s Michael??¨ Bahaha it's too great. We've already planned an Office marathon when we´re all back in Utah.
The most exciting thing this week was last wednesday when I was eating breakfast. They have the loveliest peaches here so I was eating one but I cut it up so I was eating it with a fork (I know what you´re thinking--this IS the most exciting story ever, but wait! It gets better) When all of the sudden, I go to take a bite and miss my mouth and hit my front tooth with the fork--AND it chips off half the enamel on my front tooth! Then this was the day they were having huge leadership conferences so no one was even here for me to go tell! But don't worry, I have an appointment to go get a crown first thing March 3rd. The dentist is out of town. It's fine though! When it happened I thought I lost all of the bottom of my tooth--like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber.  But it's only chipped. So I only look like half a homeless hillbilly. Some of the Elders are pushing for me to get a gold crown on it but I think I'll have to pass--even though I have a feeling I'll regret this once I get home and become a famous rapper. It's fine though, I'll worry about that in a year and a half.
The temple on friday was as lovely as ever! Spanish is coming along. We learned Por vs Para and I swear it's of the devil. It's so hard to get it and then it doesn't even follow it's own rules half the time.  Also all the elders are obsessed with Pure (pronounced Pu-day, the r makes a d sound in spanish because it´s not already complicated enough) which is mashed potatoes and I swear they work it into EVERY sentence. But I guess it makes sense since the Chileans seem to work it into every meal. The hardest thing about spanish is that we learn all this grammar and rules and then we go to speak and the teachers are always like if you follow the rules you´re going to be wrong. I´m at the point where I just want to get out to the field so I can hear it all the time and just learn how people speak because obviously the rules are not getting us very far.   I got to say the closing prayer in sacrament on sunday and I think only just a few of the Latinos ears bled at my terrible accent and eloquent use of grammar!

The funniest thing happened yesterday at the park. Hermana Watt and I were just walking around and we always say hi to all the Chileans on their way to work and this one lady passes us and goes ¨Guten Morgen¨  (aka Good morning in German) so I say Guten Morgen back and she stops and starts talking to us really excitedly. Only we´re not understanding ANYTHING which was kind of discouraging because usually I can at least pick out SOME words. And then i realize she's speaking German! She was asking if we were from Germany so I just responded in spanish because at this point all my languages are confused. So I said that we´re from the Estados Unidos and she's just like 'oh'. Ciao! and keeps walking. Haha it was so funny! At least I'm sure my German ancestors were very proud of that moment.
Also could you send me some ab workouts and stuff? I'm running out of ideas and the Chileans don´t look anywhere close to running out of pure so.. . BUT I´ve lost 2 pounds somehow so that´s nice!
I hope everything is going well back home! Have you guys got rain yet?? Everything here is good! I'm happy and healthy, even if I´m missing part of my tooth.. Only TWO WEEKS left and then I´m a real missionary!! I can't wait! I love this gospel SO much! I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again! I have some extra time so I'll try to send some pictures as well!

Con todo el amor en mi corozon,

Hermana Evans :)

Fish and chips, Chile style!

Yummiest Gelato ever!
District 3 in the Santiago MTC

Sister Watts and Me

Atlanta 15 group

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