Friday, February 21, 2014

Teach Them To Smile!

February 18, 2014

Hola mi familia bonita!

I love getting your emails! It´s like when you have your favorite t.v show so you´re always looking forward every week for the new episode and what´s going to happen next! Since I obviously can´t keep up with Vampire Diaries right now this is the next best thing and I love it!
So I was suppose to write you earlier today but we had a surprise visit slash (I can´t find the slash button) devotional from Elder Rasband, the President of the Quorum of the 70! And guess who was sitting in the front row not 5 feet from him?? THIS HERMANA! It was amazing! He and Elder Ballard and some other general authorities are here for some conferences and had a temple session today but when he found out that they had all these general authorities and no one was planning on talking to the missionaries he called an audible as he put it and came to address us! He's amazing! He had nothing planned so just did a Q&A kind of thing and was awesome! He taught us whenever we have a question whether one of our own or from an investigator, to think of a scripture first because though our opinion is important it doesn´t hold a candle to the words of the Lord. So for all our questions he would have us think of a scripture first. I was so impressed! He would pull scriptures off the top of his head and each and every one of them answered the questions so perfectly! It was so amazing at the end when he was testifying of this work and the role we get to play. I love being a missionary! He ended by telling us when Pres. Hinckley called him to the Presidency and the big question he asked him was ¨Does the testimony of Jesus Christ burn in your bosom (sp?) like it did when you were a young missionary?¨ I loved this question because it made me think of what I feel each and everyday out here. I want you to know that the fire is lit within me! My testimony is burning and will continue to burn for the rest of my life! At then end his wife made a comment which I loved. She simply told us to Teach Them How To Smile. Because when you trust in the Lord, you know how to smile. I LOVE THAT! AHH It was awesome!
So this week hasn't been super eventful. Life at the CCM is pretty much the same. Class from 10-10. I'll never complain about school again! There's this sweet couple that sells fruit and stale cookies at the corner down from our class room so my compañera and I always call her down and buy strawberries through the fence. Oh my gosh the fruit here is AMAZING!! The strawberries are divine and I´m pretty sure the plums came straight off the tree of life! I'm in heaven!! The food here is good too and beige. Seriously everything they serve is that color but I really like it so no complaints!

I love my compañera SO MUCH! She's seriously my best friend and we laugh all the time! We draw a lot of attention as the only blondes here but it´s nice to not be alone! Though it gets hard (the CCM, schedule, spanish, being blonde) it is such a relief to go through it with someone you just love! And my district is AWESOME as well!! We are seriously all best friends and as excited as I am to get to Viña, it´ll be so sad to say goodbye to everyone! We´re seriously like a family!
To answer your questions about my sickness, I just had a really bad cold so it wasn´t anything fatal but I wouldn´t suggest mixing it with eye infections.. BUT I´m all clear and healthy now! They said the eye infections must have been from like stress and dust in the air.. I don´t know. But it doesn't matter because I´m healthy and going strong! Also I was told there's a place here that I can buy a converter so I´ll check it out when we leave to go out in the wild world in a few minutes! Also a tip for packages if you do ever need to send one.. they say to put a bunch of crosses and like Virgin Mary stickers and stuff over and then the people here won´t touch it.. I don´t know if that really works but fun fact!
I love that you and dad went to the temple of Valentine´s Day! You guys are the cutest! This year Jesus was my valentine! I get to go back to the temple again on Friday so I´m WAY excited!
I´m kinda sad about my car but I knew this day would come! I'm not sure whether I want to wish you luck on selling it or not haha it was good to me minus the times it wouldn't start but I´m sure I´ll never have a car again whose seats are as comfortable!
Tell everyone hello from me and that I love them! Wish Stacey a happy birthday from me as well!! I love you all and I love getting your emails! They brighten my day!
Con todo el amor en mi corozon!
Hermana Evans

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