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Chilly in Chile!

March 24, 2014

Hola mi familia maravillosa!!
I seriously can´t believe it`s been another week! Time is flying! I love reading all your emails especially because they`re in english and I can understand EVERY word! My spanish is still terrible but at least I can understand a little more than I did last week, so small victories!
So pretty much they feed us like crazy here! I´m so sorry but we might have to buy an extra plane ticket for my ride back because I don´t know if one seat will contain me a year and a half from now....You seriously walk away physically exhausted from eating and I´ve yet to clear an entire plate. One day a lady brought in this huge watermelon for dessert and cut it in quarters and gave an entire quarter to us! It was seriously as big as my head.... ok exaggeration. But it was as big as the dinner plate. Not exaggeration. This week I´ve also eaten more fish than I would like.  Meat I don´t even know what animal it was from, and a pudding that tasted like my oatmeal body wash. On the bright side though, the ice cream here is WAY better than the ice cream in the U.S.  All the more reason for that extra seat. 
We met some interesting people this week, here are some of the highlights:
Maria who has a terrible speach impediment. She just stared at me the whole time we were talking and then finally she was like you look just like a doll. When we were leaving I turned around and she had a huge china cabinet filled with staring, blonde porcelien dolls, so that wasn´t creepy at all...
Daniela is gothic, believes in reincarnation, and thinks she was a witch in the previous life because she is so interested in tarioc cards and crystal balls.... Plan of Salvation is our next lesson. Her mom is a member and she was thinking about baptism a few months ago but now wants to understand the gospel a lot before she does anythnig. That was one of those lessons where I was understanding but didn´t think I actually was because she was saying some wierd stuff...She`s a sweetheart though and it kills me knowing how much better the gospel will make her life but she doesn´t understand it.
A hermano in the ward passed away this week, he had parkinson so it wasn´t anything sudden or anything, but the wierd things was when we went to visit his wife she had the casket in their living room with the part where his head was open! And the houses here are really small so it took up like half the room. I´ve never seen a dead person before so I couldn´t bare to look. But when we talked to her she spoke with a lot of peace in her voice. It was one of those lessons where I didn´t understand anything but I could feel the peace. I´m so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and that we all can have the assurance to be with the people we love most once again. This is such a wonderful message and I know that she knows this to be true in her heart. 
Camilla is one of my favorites! She`s 19 too and a menos activo. When we asked why she doesn´t come to church she said because shé´s not pretty. My heart broke. We talked to her about the temple and her divine purpose. I loved this because the temple has such a special place in my heart and I was able to talk a lot more I think because I have such a strong testimony of it. I even threw in my dinglehopper analogy from my farewell talk and it made her laugh through her tears so that was really cool!
Nicolas! I just love him to pieces. He`s 14 and has been coming to seminary with some the kids in the ward. They have seminary at 6 at night here... they have no clue how easy they have it haha. ANyway he was there early and we were at the capilla for a meeting so we gave him a tour of the chapel. There was such a special feeling in the room. Hma. Huaman told him I play the piano and he thought that was super cool so when it was my turn to talk I asked if I could play a song instead. I played Yo sè que vive mi Señor or as I used to call it I Know that My Redeemer Lives. It was a really special moment. I love the spirit that music brings into our lives. I think it`s the most powerful because music is what feeilngs sound like and the spirit testifies through feeilngs so basicallly music, well hymns, are the voice of the spirit. I challenged him to baptism afterward and he said yes! But he has to talk with his parents. And he came to church yesterday!! I pray everything works out!
Answer time:
1.We don´t have a mamita but a sweet lady in the ward does our laundry so that`s so nice
2.The food is mas o menos good (see above) But when it´s good, it`s GOOD
3.Food is chicken, fish, spaghetti, potatoes, pretty much anything with a lot of carbs they serve us. Hence that extra ticket once again haha
4. The toilet paper is fine thanks. It`s called comfort here which makes me giggle a little
5. The water is good and clean from the tap! I drink it everyday! Hence why I´m alive right now
6.We have good warm showers, except for the day we ran out of gas and it was really cold.
7. I enjoy my compañera but it´`s hard being with someone all day everyday sometimes. Especially when they don`t speak your language and I don`t think she understands how hard it is for me sometimes.. But so good so far!
8. I am SOOOOOOOO happy I´m here! SO happy! It`s really hard not being able to say what I want when I want and not understanding but I know that in teh end it`ll be totally worth it so YES, fullhearted YES I´m happy!
9. I am warm enough for now. I can feel winter coming so I will keep you updated but I know I´m going to have to buy a coat
10. No fleas!!!! Knock on wood.. But I´m safe so far!
11. (see answer for mamita)
12. Send packages to the mission home, the address is on my blog. Speak of which can you be sure to send more of those eye drops because I only brought enough for 9 months of the mission, also prenatal vitamins for my hair if you can!
13. See above
14. My bed is more or less comfy I haven´t really thought about it so I´d say that`s good!
15. We email from different spots. Right now Im in this really crappy place where the computers are in the smallest little cubbies and my elbows are cramped. I don´t know why my compañera chose this place. Also the key board is broken so sorry for so many mispelled things, I don´t have the patience to keep backspacing.
The cool thing about being a missionary is talking with people who have serious, real life problems. They have worries, doubts, needs and seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution to all. I love that I don´t have to convice, argue, persuade, trick. Missionaries aren´t salesmen, we`re saVesmen (saves(wo)men). This gospel is such a marvellous message. I´m so blessed to be a part of this great work! The spirit really does it all, not us, and man what a comfort that is!
I miss you all and hope everything is going well!!! Give the cats a kiss for me!

Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

Apartment in Quillota

Kitchen area



Street in Quillota

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