Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Greetings From Chile!

March 31, 2014 
Hola familia!!!
Hola komo estoss!
First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful madre!!! I felt bad not being able to wish you a happy birthday on your day but know that I was thinking of you and sending you good vibes from the other side of the equator! Also Happy birthday to grandpa too!!! What a great week for cake!
Speaking of birthdays, we met this guy on the street this week who based off my birthday analyzed my entire life and predicted my future. I´m suppose to have a grand spiritual revelation ( a missionary receiving spiritual revelation, He was really inspired with that one now wasn´t he?) and then based off my companion´s birthday, apparently in the past life she was Jesus Christ. I mean she is a saint, but lessbe honest here.. Interesting people here! But I just love it! Besides the odd balls the people here are so loving and kind. Everyone I meet I feel like I´ve known for years and they all just feel really familiar. It`s really neat and makes it really easy to love, but also really frustrating when you can´t understand what in the world they are telling you haha but as my friend Brooklin tells me I just gotta keep swimming!
Also there`s this lady who in the evenings walks through the neighborhoods selling mani (or peanuts as I used to call them back in the day). She pushes this cart that´s like a mini train and it toasts the peanuts inside and keeps them warm and it has a whistle just like a train and she blows it as she walks. Some nights when it´s really cold and you hear that whistle it´s the greatest tender mercy. I swear toasted peanuts have never tasted so good!
Something cool I learned this week at almuerzo is that there´s this hill here in Quiollta where Parley P. Pratt went or visited or something when he was here on a mission? My spanish isn´t quite there yet so the details are a little fuzzy. Anyway this man in our ward was telling me that Parley stood on the hill, overlooked Quillota and prophesied that one day everyone here would be members of the church! I don´t know how accurate this story is but I thought it was super cool! I´m serving in the future Utah of south america. But considering there´s like 40 people at sacrament we have a lot of work ahead of us.
We had zone conference this week so it was good to see President and his wife. I just love them! Funny story: We were practicing what to do in case of emergency so I don´t know why but President chose me, the only person in the zone who can´t speak spanish that well to go out in the hall and I had to call my district leader and report a tsunami and that I didn´t know where my companion was. But of course he tells me this in spanish and so I was kind of confused but I call and report while our DL is in the room with everyone and it´s on speaker so they can hear me. I´m confused so I report the tsunami and that I´m by myself and then my DL rattles all these instructions off to me, I have no clue what he just told me. My compañera is meanwhile whisper yelling everything I need to say as fast as she possibly can so I have no clue so into the phone I´m like que?? Mas despacio?? I can hear everyone just laughing inside. My DL responds with more Spanishspanishspanishspanishspanishspanish (Seriously, either despacio doesn´t mean what I think it means, or Chileans just can´t comprehend the idea of talking slow). So I just had to be like look lo siento, no se que es pasando, pero hay una ola (I think that`s wave, I really have no clue) grande, no se donde esta mi companera. Mas despacio por favor!! spanishspanishspanishspanish. So I´m like ok puedo leer español mas mejor que puedo entender. Enviarme una mensaje! Not my most shining moment on the mission.. I walk in and everyone just thought it was the funniest thing. If there`s a tsunami before I learn spanish, I think I might be dead either way..

 Now for the answer segment of the show
1.You and dad and a few other friends from school have been writing me, it´s different every week
2. I have no clue, I´ll ask the presidente when we have interviews next month
3. That would be way cool! But the thing with that is I´m still a missionary so I can´t do a lot of things with you guys
4. It´s not humid here at all to me, it feels just like san diego
5. Yes we walk a lot but with how they feed us I wish we got to do more!
6. ok sounds good
7. Yes! I know and love Hermana Hansen! She´s in our Atlanta 15! She`s awesome! But I haven´t seen her since I´ve been in the field since we´re in different areas
I´m excited for the package! Maybe wait another week so I can think of anything else I might need before you send it. Katie told me she sent me a postcard when I very first left back in January and I´ve yet to get it or any other letters from anyone so I have no clue how long it´ll take for me to receive the package. But I guess we´ll find out!!
AWESOME NEWS:: Rosa committed to baptism! She´s getting baptized on the 13th, that´s the goal anyway! She has the strongest faith of anyone I´ve ever known. She and her husband have a lot of financial problems so things are hard but there is so much strength in her voice when she talks. She came to church again yesterday and loved it. She´s coming with us to conference next week too! I pray everything works out! I know the gospel will help her so much in her life, it already has. I love being a missionary and seeing the changes in people´s lives. This gospel is certainly a force to be reckoned with!
Also we`re teaching this soon to be family, the wedding is in may and the baby is coming in july about eternal families. You should see the light and joy in their faces and smiles as they learn how they can live together forever. It´s truly amazing! We´re hoping they´ll move the wedding date up sooner so he can be baptized! (She was baptized when she was 8 but is menos activa). I love teaching them because you can really see in their faces and responses that they truly want this in their life! I love when people are as excited about the gospel as I am!!
That´s about it for this week! I hope everything is lovely and warm in California!
Peace, Love and Po ( I don´t know what po is either but the chileans love to add it to the end of every other word so it must be something good!)
Hermana Evans


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