¡Bueno Día familia mía!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week! But I´m glad you`re all keeping busy and happy. Shoutout to kk for playing piano in sacrament, you go girl! I wish I could of heard it! But that´s awesome! I know it´s not super fun playing in sacrament because I´ve been there too (I´m there right now haha) but like no one here in my ward in Quillota can play so before they all just sang acapela so really it´s such a blessing to have the ability. You never know when you´ll need it! Keep it up!
That´s awesome too you guys got hermanas in your ward now! Yes! Be extra nice to them and ask what kind of foods they don´t like so they don´t have to smile and nod and pretend like they don´t speak as much English as they really can to avoid saying anything about the food.
How´s kk´s wrist doing? Is it still in a splint? Maybe now I´m at the same skill level as her at lacrosse haha. Also is she still alive? I´m about to double email her but I don´t want to look desperate or anything.. ;)
This week we had cambios (transfers) but not really, because everyone stayed the same in my district. So I´m in Quillota for at least another 6 weeks with the same compañera. I was split down the middle of whether I secretly wanted to stay or leave so it´s all good.
We also had entrevistas with the mission presidente Kahnlein this week. He is amazing. The spirit that radiates off him is awesome! He´ll probably be a general authority one day. No doubt about it. The advice and reassurance he gave me was just what I needed to hear at that time. He also offered to give me a blessing and it was like a blessing straight from the Savior. I left the room with even more ganas to serve and learn and do all that I can! I´m too blessed to have him as my mission president!
Funny story of the week: I may or may not have informed someone that because of the Fall of Adam we are now all ¨sujetos a pescado¨ meaning we are all subject to fish. Really I meant to say ¨pecado¨ (flesh). I guess I was just getting my religions confused or something haha. That sure makes a difference! I also told my compañera one day that I need a ¨gordo¨in my life (meaning fat man). haha I meant to say ¨goro¨ which is a beanie. In my defense the r and d sound really similar in español. On second thought though I´m sure a fat man would probably do a better job at keeping me warm.... It´s too bad I´m just stuck with handshakes for the time being ;)
Also we´re teaching this one family and the kids are so funny. The niño, Gaberil, is a hoot. He really thinks my hair is made of gold and keeps asking if he could cut off ¨pocitooo¨ so he could sell it for ¨plata¨ aka money. That response was a HARD NO! haha.
Also AWESOME news! We´ve been teaching this part member family? I really don´t know what to call them. It´s a mom, her daughter who are members and the pareja (boyfriend) of the daughter who isn´t. Anyway they´re going to have a baby in July (the daughter and pareja) and we finally got them to set a date for their wedding! May 23rd! (Shoutout to the little gremlin who´s birthday that is....kk!) so his baptism is set for May 24th! (Samantha's birthday) Best birthday gift ever? I think so. But it´s like a month away still so I´m just praying so hard that nothing comes in the way. The mom and daughter came to church on Sunday and had a really good time. Antonio had to work so I pray he´s able to have it off for the next 3 Sundays so he can be baptized on the 24th. Keep them in your prayers!
This week I discovered something life changing. They´re called Negritas and are basically a s´more. Let me explain: two graham cracker cookies with a vanilla, marshmello like creme between them and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate! I die and go to heaven everytime I eat it. Don´t worry I´ve already planned to buy another suitcase and filling it with just those when it´s time to come home. ¡QUE RICO!
Well I think that´s all for this week! I wish you all a week full of love, happiness, and Mr. Taco carne asada burritos! 

Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Evans