Thursday, May 8, 2014

I've Got All Of Chile In My Stomach!

May 5, 2014
¡Hola mi familia amorosa!
I´m glad to hear you all are doing great!! So this morning we got up early (let´s be honest every morning we get up early) (let´s be even more honest, we got up at the same time this morning as all the other mornings) and went down to the civil registro with Antonio and Libertad and sacamos (I´m not super sure how to say that in english) a date for their matrimonio!! So it´s official May 23rd!!! So the baptism of Antonio is the 24th! And he assisted at the church yesterday and even got emotional during Priesthood! He´s so awesome. I´m so excited for them! 
Yes, the co- living thing is a super common problem here. People don´t believe in marriage. This one family we´re teaching right now is super awesome but they´re not married. They have 4 kids and have been living together for 25 years so they might as well be but they don´t want to because they don´t want the commitment. I don´t get it. I mean 25 years!!! And commitment is what they´re worried about! I just have to shake my head sometimes.
So this week we had intercambios so I went to San Pedro which is another little town close by. The sector is HUGE and is one of the only ones with bikes in our mission so I felt like a legit legit missionary riding the bikes around. It was super fun! but a little scary at the same time as the break system on them is almost zero and I haven´t always had the best experiences with bikes in the past. My knee still wears the sad story of that one day in Provo.... We went to another town in the sector, San Isidro which is like a few miles from San Pedro and the ride was the most beautiful thing ever! It was this little windy highway through campo or the countryside and it was an almost rainy day so there was the most beautiful clouds and the air just felt cozy... haha... I don´t really know how else to describe it. Anyway the campo reminded me of a mixture between fallbrook, colorado, and germany which I know sounds kind of funny but it´s the most accurate way I can get the picture in your heads. I wanted to pull my camera out and snap some pictures but I didn´t want to push my luck on the bike. Maybe the next intercambio. Also the hermanas in San Pedro always pray in english at night before and after planning so Hna. Barros was like you can pray in english if you want so I was like ok yeah! It was the first time I was going to pray in english since the MTC so I was like sweet, but then I couldn´t remember how to do it haha it was the weirdest thing. The english words were so slow in coming and it felt super awkward. I think she may have prayed better in english than I, haha. So now I can´t speak spanish, I can´t speak english, I´m just a mess haha!
Then the next day we had lunch over at Antonio and Libertad´s and the mom of Libertad made us the most grand lunch I´ve ever had in my life! Empanadas for the first course and empanadas here are not dainty little finger food. They´re a meal in and of itself and then she brings out ensalada chilena, ensalada con palta, PAN (homemade at that!), pevere (which is pico de gallo), and then our plates which are huge overflowing with chicken, and arroz, and papas! And then HELADO for dessert! Just about everything chilean we ate! It was the best lunch of my life! And then just a little later we went to another house and the lady made us completos! HUGE COMPLETOS! So my compañera and I just looked at eat other and wished the other good luck. Then when my compañera barely finished she brought her a SECOND! I tried to explain that thank you so much but a second would not be necessary for me that I couldn´t physically fit it, but she was like oh no, I just won´t fill it up so much for you, which was a straight lie. When we left I wanted to cry from pain but was too scared that if I did I would cry palta (avocado) instead of tears.
Do you guys know how big exactly the earthquake here was this past week? We were at lunch when it hit but it only just shook things up, nothing happened. I don´t think I´d say it was the biggest in my life. We haven´t heard the size though. I love the earthquakes!
And yes, we get to skype sunday!! Plan for 7 o´clock my time which I think is 4 in the afternoon your time but I´m not sure so you´ll have to check! I´ll call you on the skype first so just make sure you´re on!! But I´m super excited too!!!
Until then I guess!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón (y todo los completos en mi estomago),
Hermana Evans


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