Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wings, Not A Weight!

April 7, 2014

Hola familia!

Yes everything is good and safe here! The earthquakes have been the talk of the town but we`re all good in Quillota! We`ve had mini earthquakes every day. It´s hilarious because my compañera isn´t accustomed to earthquakes and I think she thinks we`re going to die every time. There was a 5.8 one the other night and I don´t know if I´ve ever seen anyone get under a door frame so fast!. I secretly think they`re kind of fun haha that is until our roof falls in...  Everyone keeps saying there`s suppose to be a big one here in Quillota and up north within the next week so we`ll see what happens. We all have our emergency preparedness stuff so if anything does happen we´ll be just fine.

This week we went over to help a menos activa cook lunch because she didn´t know how. Oh my gosh mom. She wanted us to make chicken soup and had a chicken and some carrots and a potato... that´s it. Also my compañera was giving me anxiety because she was breaking so many culinary rules. For whatever reason the words ¨cross contamination¨ ¨salamonila¨ and ¨don`t touch that chicken, it definitely does NOT have an internal temperature of 165 degrees!¨(They use Celsius here anyway so that last one was just a lost cause) are not in my little red spanish for missionaries book so I just had to smile and say a prayer of gratitude that I was not the one who would be eating it in the end. Actually it ended up being fine and no one was sick the next day so all's well that ends well.

Also I learned this week that I´ve been using laundry detergent to wash the bathroom and bathroom soap to wash my clothes. It suddenly became very clear why I´m on a mission right now instead of getting married like the rest of my friends.

Ok so wasn´t general conference AMAZING??????!!!!!! I felt a little sad in my heart that I couldn´t be there like I was last time but then I remembered that I´m a missionary in Chile and I´m more than ok with that. Also I thought it was a lovely thought that we were all watching and listening to the same thing at the same time. When we´re united in Christ and the church, distance really isn´t that far. We have an investigator right now who I haven´t been able to stop thinking about. I just love her SO much but just about everything terrible that could ever happen to someone has happened to her. She use to have faith but after everything that´s happened she´s lost every ounce of it. To be honest, if my life was like hers and I didn´t know better, I´d probably think the same. She has no faith, no hope and thinks the world is all bad. What do you say to someone who tells you all this and looks at you and goes ¨Why me?¨ ¨Why my life?¨¨Why? Where was your God?¨ We try to explain about the plan of salvation but she always goes ¨No.¨ very firmly. ¨No. Maybe for you, but not for me.¨ I just didn´t know how I could help her and understand how much love God has for her, she just needs only look for it. And then on Saturday Elder Scott must have had me in mind when he said ¨Sincerely love those you want to help so they can begin to have confidence in God´s love¨and Ït´s easier to help others gain faith in God when they know someone who loves them in a similar way.¨ That´s so simple! Why didn´t I think of that! Exactly what I needed and exactly what I´m going to do.

My favorites this time have to be Elder Holland, siempre. Man I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea (herbal of course) with that man and just absorb his every word. He knows the Savior in such a personal way and I hope that I can develop and give testimony with as much conviction and confidence as he one day. Outstanding!  And Uchtdorf! I loved him too! Soo much great wisdom! ¨Don´t be grateful for, be grateful in¨ now that´s a golden nugget of wisdom if I ever heard one. I loved it! I loved what the prophet spoke on and the Savior`s Life legacy of love. The alliteration there is just LOVELY as well. and that Love is the essence of the gospel and I loved when he said those we meet are the proportion of people God has given us to love and serve. SO AWESOME! I loved it! ( Notice the quantity of my use of the word ¨love¨ #FollowTheProphet) The whole time I was just thinking how the prophet is the mouthpiece for the Lord so really it´s not Pres. Monson who wants us to love, it´s Jesus Christ and out of all the advice he could give us at this time, it was to love. You´ll never feel regret for being too kind--that´s a golden nugget of wisdom from the prophet as well. TOO GOOD.

Ok so that`s way cool that you guys saw Ashton Kucher! I´m super jealous! And wait who was the guy you sat next to in the restaurant?? You never said his name.. All I got was cute guy so the names Zac Efron and Chris Pine are swarming through my head. If it was either of them I hope you gave them my email address and a Book of Mormon and told them I´ll be home next July waiting.

I love you all so much! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I can´t wait to hear from you next week!! Don´t forget to tell the chickens hello for me!

Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans


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