Friday, April 18, 2014

And We Walked And Walked And Walked!

April 14, 2014


 I seriously can´t believe it´s Monday already. This past week just flew by! Also empanadas are amazing. I don´t know if I´ve mentioned this before but it´s so true it´s worth another mention. I seriously don´t understand why these are not popular in the U.S. I´m going to buy one after this.

We walked so much this week! Our sector is really large so usually we plan our citas in the same area so we don´t have to walk the length of Chile everyday but for some reason we kept having people we needed to visit that lived way far apart. I´m far from complaining though, I welcome whatever exercise that comes my way! Speaking of which I didn´t get the workouts. Did you attach them to the last email? Maybe mckayla or dad can help you figure it out. It´s was way cool though because it´s been like SUPER hot here this past week. And we´d been walking for a long time and we were way hot and this van pulls up next to us and the guy was like ¨SEESTERS!¨ So we stopped and he was a member of the church from Santiago and he hands us these huge cold gatorades and was like I have two extras here you go! It was seriously a tender mercy from the Lord. I couldn´t believe it. The Lord truly is aware of us at every moment. 

My spanish is getting better. It´s weird, I have really good days where I can understand like 70 percent and communicate all my thoughts mas o menos and then I have really bad days where the words just won´t come and all I can do is smile and say yo sè la igelsia es verdadera.

We had intercambios this week so my compañera went to San Pedro and I stayed and one of the San Pedro hermanas came here for the day. It was great to get to work with someone else, I loved her fresh energy for everything! Also it was like my first opportunity to kind of be in charge since she doesn´t know the area or our investigadores. It was suppose to be a great day. I had 4 citas lined up, I´d studied and planned for the lessons well, looked up all the words so I could say what I wanted to say. Everything good. And then one by one all our lessons fell through. They called and weren´t going to be home. They were sleeping. They got sick suddenly. They were too busy. I couldn´t believe it. Nothing like this has ever happened to us. Thankfully I was always able to have a back up plan of people, but then those people were busy or not home or come back in 30 minutes and then they weren´t there. So we contacted a lot, and I was trying really hard not to get discouraged. We prayed to find a family. Everyone we talked to was busy though so we ended up scheduling citas for the coming week so at the end of the day our numbers were pretty low and I was trying my very best not to see it as a reflection of myself. I kept telling myself I´d done all I could have done with the circumstances. The scripture D&C 123:17 came to my mind. Do all things in your power cheerfully and then stand back and see the arm of God or something along those lines. Then yesterday we went to one of the citas I´d made with this girl Nicole. She´s Chilean but naturally blonde so we like to joke that we´re sisters. Her mom and brother were there too. (Her brother lived in the U.S. for 5 years so we got to speak english with each other and he´s awesome.). Anyway it was close to the best cita ever! They were so kind and so receptive and willing to listen. We introduced the Book of Mormon and I got to bear my testimony of receiving answers to prayers to Kevin in english! It was truly a special moment. I am so excited about this family! Leaving that house it was the first time I´ve truly felt serious pure joy and excitement about the work and the people on my mission! We danced the whole way home. And again DC 123:17 Do all things in your power cheerfully and see the hand of God ( I really should memorize this scripture, golden nugget of knowledge right there if I ever did see one) and last night we saw the hand of God. When we asked when we could return the mom was like Ëveryday! Haha.   I just love this family!

I didn´t find my eye drops yet but I´m going to look in a different place today, but it´s probably best if you send me more just in case. Also my last request of things to send is the chocolate covered açai.

I never got the email from grandma and grandpa so thank you for forwarding it to me! I love them SO much! Tell grandma Rosa hasn´t been baptized yet but we´re hoping for next week! Keep her in your prayers!

We keep having just baby quakes down here and the fires are like 40 minutes from my sector so I´m safe for now. They keep saying a big earthquake is coming but we´ll wait and see. I mean our schedule is always the same so I wouldn´t mind shaking it up. haha, get it?? ;) Earthquakes, fires, spanish, you´d think I was in California still or something. Dad has a meteor predicted next but if so I´ll take his advice, tract the trajectory and run at a 90 degree angle ;) 

I love you all so much and hope you guys are safe and sound and happy. Remember to go to church, say your prayers, and brush your teeth.

Con todo el amor en mi còrazon,
Hermana Evans

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