Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy June!

June 2, 2014
Hola mi familia!!!

I´m so glad to hear that everyone is well! That´s awesome mom that you went on a cita with the sisters there! Hahaha you make me laugh at your description. We have lots of lessons outside. Welcome to the life of a missionary!
This week went by scary fast! Friday we had our show de talentos that we put on for our obra misional activity. It went really well!! Each of the auxiliaries had an act and we even had investigadores and menos activos that participated! But I´m glad it´s over haha. 
Sunday was the baptism of Cesar and Nellie!! I´d send a picture but my camera died an hour ago so you´ll have to wait for next week. But it was a beautiful service and you can tell they´re so happy!! They´re golden. We call them to set up appointments or to tell them to read something in the Book of Mormon and they already have the Book of Mormon in hand and are reading it with their family. They really are some of God´s elect!!
I´ve been going back and forth between Quillota and Viña since my compañera finished her mission. I love going to Viña but the bus is terrible. I think the drivers think they´re in the Indiana Jones ride or something because that´s seriously what it feels like. After we dropped my compañera off this morning we were like we´re in Viña and it´s P-day so we went and found where they have the music festival there every year. It´s like the coolest stadium ever! And it´s in this really pretty park. It reminded me a lot of Balboa Park because of all the palm trees and plants and old spanish looking buildings. Super cool!

Right now I´m in a trio with the Hermana´s in the sector next to mine until Wednesday when I´ll get my new compañera.
Sorry this is so short but this week really wasn´t that exciting haha. I hope you´re having lots of fun and sun! Good luck with those pesky ground squirrels!
Until next week!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Ebans 
(that´s not a typo, that´s how everyone says my name here)

Additional letter......


Your golf trip sounds awesome!! I´m so glad you had a great time! And the fact you didn´t get sick from the food really is a double win. This past week I learned the long and hard lesson that my body cannot handle mote con husillos... It´s this chilean dessert more or less. I don´t think I´ve ever been so sick in my life.. The nausea is coming on just thinking about it right now so we´re just going to move on... We had two baptisms yesterday. A esposo y esposa! They´re awesome. They´re best friends with the bishop and his family so really all we had to do was teach them the lessons and then they were set. But they have a strong testimony and are golden. They´re the only investigadores that actually complete everytime their commitments. We call them to set up an appointment and they´re reading the book of mormon with their family... Too perfect. So their baptism was smooth sailing...the daughter is a bit of a different story but I know she´ll get baptized at some point.
It´s starting to get colder and colder here and also I´ll get a new compañera this week so I´m excited and things are looking good! I love you so much! Tenga una semana buena!
Hermana evans

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