Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Best New Years Ever!!!!!!!!

January 5, 2015

Hello familia!!

I hope you guys had an awesome New Years! It`s crazy to think that it`s 2015!!
Ok, so I have missionary brain and don`t remember a lot of things right now, but tell me if 2015 is not the year they went to in the second back to the future movie?? I`m feeling kind of ripped off we don`t have those flying cars yet.. Or who knows, maybe they just haven`t made their way down to Chile yet. 
I had the best New Years that I think I will ever have in my entire life!!! I`ll get to that in a second though..... So on New Years Eve we had cambios (changes). Hermana Avery and I were praying that we would stay together but of course we got the call in the morning and Hermana Avery se va. (she leaves). We were so bummed. Especially because I didn`t want to spend New Years with someone that I just met. I know that doesn`t really matter because it`s the mission and there are so much more important things, but still... So we went to cambios and guess who my new companion is here in Chorrillos?! Hermana Hansen! She was in my Mtc group and we were together the whole time with the Atlanta Airport fiasco, and, I think you said that you know her mom through Facebook... Anyway we`re together now and it`s just awesome! So after we got back to Chorillos we just went straight back to work like normal, but on New Years we had permission to stay out until 11pm if a family had invited us over. Well no one in our branch had invited us over to celebrate with them so we were like whatever... but then when we were in a little store buying apple flavored water that we pretended was actually martinellis we ran into this kid that was a member and he invited us over to his house for New Years! It was 9:30pm at this point too but we were like yeah ok and went over and spent some time with him and his mom, who`s less active.... Killing two birds with one stone! The Lord really does work in amazing ways. But the best part is that for New Years, Viña has the 3rd largest fireworks show in the world. And our house has an ocean view, so we got to watch the firework show that they do all along the coast! So since we`re up on a hill we could see like 3 or 4 of the shows! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! I don`t know why we don`t have shows like that in the U.S., but it was literally the coolest thing I have ever seen! I really don't think that I will ever have a better Año Nuevo in my life. I`m like I gotta come back here every year for this. It was too cool! ....So we drank our apple water martinellis, enjoyed the show, and then went to bed like good little missionaries. But still. Like best night of my life!!!!
Also I had intercambios this week with a new hermana,. It was her second day in the mission field and she`s from Brazil which made it kind of hard. Whenever she didn`t know the word in Spanish she`s say it in Portuguese and I was just like uhhhhh what?? haha... but in language study I had her teach me how to pray in Portuguese so that was way cool! So now I can understand her prayers but I just felt so bad because there was no way I could help her with the other stuff but I did enjoy learning new Portuguese vocab.
Also, Hermana Hansen and I had an amazing lesson yesterday with this married couple javier and camilia. We`d planned to teach the plan of salvation and when we got there they had questions about just that! I love when that happens. It was honestly one of the best lessons of my mission I think. They totally understood it!! I seriously think that they are just chosen. AND they`re married! The only speed bump I think is the marijuana plant that is growing in their front door, but that`s nothing a little weed killer can`t fix! haha.. But it`s just been so long since I`ve taught someone who just gets it. And they read what we left them in the Book of Mormon! AH! So now they just have to come to church! But I`m excited to work more with them this week!!!
But yeah that`s pretty much how my week went! I love you all and I hope you guys have a great time in Park City! MUAH!
con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Evans
Zone activity. We did Minute to Win It.  We won!!!

Gringa is the preferred food for fleas!!!!!!!

Making homemade tortillas for Christmas Eve tacos!

We put 3 mattresses together to make
a huge bed for Christmas Eve. Also
note the stockings hung on a wire
hanger!  Ha ha!!!!!!

Christmas Eve dinner at the home of our ward mission leader!

Christmas turkey!!!!!!!

Torta helada.  It was soooo yummy!!! Don't worry, she
gave me the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!

You'd think the ward mission leader would know my
name by now.....don't worry, they totally messed up
my companions name too and she had been there for
6 more weeks than me!!!!!  ha ha!
Fireworks for New Years Eve!

All the food we thought we could eat on Christmas!
More Fireworks!!!!!
And more fireworks!!!!
Cuz New Years wouldn't be New Years without
Chilean "ho ho ho"
Chilean Martinellis!!!!!
Christmas cinnamon rolls!


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  1. hola que tal yo estuve ahi justo una año antes que ud .
    y pase la navidad con la familia lopez ;)
    tambien fui victima de mosquitos y otras cosas xD
    bueno hermana evans animo y siga adelante se le quiere
    Eric Delgado. mision viña del mar