Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

December 29, 2014

Hello my family!
It was so awesome to talk to you guys this week! You all looked beautiful! And the next thing you know we`ll be skyping again on Mother's Day! That made me feel good to hear that you think I am normal still and not some crazy person. I still feel normal so that`s good and I don`t feel different because of the mission, just better than I was before.
Ok so about the email from grandma... that is way funny and I`m so sad that I didn`t get it. Tell her to send it to me again! Maybe she has my email wrong and that`s why I didn`t get it and you did? But I`m looking forward to hearing about elderly people and the U.S. treasury... haha.
So everything is going good here. We found a family this week! They didn`t come to church on Sunday but I`m excited to teach them! Families are just the best!
Our diet starts again today. I am so excited for it too this time. I will never eat Santa`s cookies for him again. I really don`t know what the heck we were thinking, buying so many treats and thinking we could eat it all. We literally felt so sick for like 3 days. I think that was probably the stupidest thing I`ve ever tried to do in my life. We ended up taking more than half of all that stuff to the elders in the office! They were very pleased and told us to keep up the good work... haha. But now we are back to being healthy! We actually ran down to Viña today. It only look 30 minutes so it wasn`t even bad. But, it was fun so we`ll probably do that every pday now. We`d love to run back but I just don`t think that`ll work with our huge watermelons in hand. Maybe for week 4..... 
Also, I can`t believe that this week is New Years! Seriously 2014 just flew by. I can`t believe I`ve been in Chile for basically all of it! So in memory of 2014, I thought of 14 accomplishments slash events slash random things of my 2014 year......
1. Went through the temple for the first time! And was a worker there! Those are some of my most special memories. I can`t wait to work there again!
2. Left on my mission! 
3. Learned Spanish! And probably spoke it more than English this year!
4. Spent 30 hours in an airport. If I ever go to the Atlanta airport again it will be too soon!
5. Broke my front tooth with a fork!
6. Became OBSESSED with mineral water. It`s seriously SO good! 
7. Experienced a high earthquake per week ratio. It`s like weird to NOT have them!
8. Was eaten alive by fleas. My record is up to 36 bites at the same time..! 
9. Wore skirts EVERY DAY!!!
10. Had my first empanada and now I`m hooked!
11. Celebrated Christmas in the summer!
12. Received the most free ice cream slash other little treats (Being blonde in Chile does have it`s perks)!!!!
13. Have the hugest withdrawal from Mexican food. I need Mr. Taco!!!
14. Most importantly, this year I have solidified my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that He lives and loves us. That even though life is hard, it doesn`t mean that God doesn`t exist or doesn`t care. I know that the principle object of the gospel is change. We are not stuck, or frozen as we are. We are not rocks. We are capable of becoming better and overcoming our weaknesses and Christ and His Atoning sacrifice are there to help us become better, and one day, even perfect.  I know that a 14 year old boy said a prayer one Spring day with a simple question and His answer changed the world. I also know that if an uneducated 14 year old boy can receive an answer to his prayer, you and I can and will absolutely receive the answer to ours. We just need to be humble enough to accept the answer and its form. The gospel is so amazing. I know that I didn`t need to come all the way down to Chile to really come to know these things for myself. God gives us all the tools we need. The scriptures, prayer, church. Boom! So simple. So beautiful.
I hope you guys have a great time in Utah this week! Shred the gnar for me out there, I know kk wishes she had as much steez as me on the snowboard..  ;)
I love you all!!   Talk to you next year!
Hermana Evans

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  1. Samantha you have the lite of The Holy Spirit in you as your word reflects this.. Love you and miss you