Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Even Mount Everest Has Its Top

December 8, 2014
Hey there family!!!
Wow! It sounds like you guys have had a super busy week! I wish we had Christmas parties here! It`s weird, Christmas just isn't a super big holiday thing here. No one is excited about it. Although all the tacky funny Santa sticker things that everyone has in their windows have finally came back into season.
I´m still enjoying everything here! My comp is awesome. But I do have to say that this week was hard. I don`t know what we were doing wrong or what, but it was just one of those weeks where no one would let us in their house or our investigadores that we do have weren't  home when we passed by or weren't answering their phones. So basically we walked. A lot. And then we walked some more!
This week we also watched the movie, '17 Miracles' with one of the recent converts. I don`t know if you guys have seen it, but I never had and it was SUPER great! Oh my gosh. The faith of those pioneers. I was like if you can walk through the snow for weeks and weeks, I can walk up and down hills in the sun. Actually, yesterday was a super hard day. No one wanted to listen to us and it was hot and we were tired and for some reason my scriptures in my bag seemed a lot heavier than normal.  It was like the hours converted into days. And, no one would let us in to sit down. We walked hills for hours. At  7pm we had an appointment at the top of the hill but of course she wasn't home. So we were like 'darn,' because we didn't want to have to walk back down the hill because that meant walking back up. (We live at the VERY top). But we had no other option because we`d already talked with everyone up top. So, we went down to another investigador which was home! Only he lives alone and is paralyzed from the waist down so we always teach him through the window which means standing! So then afterward we had to make the trek back up. I really have no clue how we did it. It made me think of the 17 Miracles movie and how they said that there were angels pushing their cart. I think there were angels pushing us up that hill too! It was crazy. I was just so grateful for the strength from some unseen force. It was a great experience though (although I`m sure my thighs would disagree) because even though it didn't seem like we were having success, we had the strength to push through and climb. It was just super cool to see how the Lord really does always bless us and is always there. Even when it seems like no one is listening and we could think like what are we doing wrong? I think it`s the same in life. We have days or maybe even weeks that just suck. And we're absolutely exhausted and we're just like what am I doing wrong? Why is this happening? And really we're not doing anything wrong. The week just sucks that`s all. But God loves us and he blesses us with the strength to endure and persevere. And then the next day or week is better. We just got to keep going one step at a time. At some point the hill has got to end right? Even Mount Everest has a point at the top where everything starts going down hill, you just got to get there.
Our Mount Everest top this week was that Luis, the little raisin of an old man, came to church!! Which means he can be baptized next week if he doesn't`t have more health complications! He was so cute. We called him an hour before church and he answered and said he was ready before the first ring even finished. I was a little worried because our chapel is two stories and the sacrament room is the whole upstairs and there`s no elevator or anything... but good ole Luis surprised me. That man is spry! He just dominated those stairs. So honestly the fact that he came to church made the walking the hills the rest of the week worth it. I´m so blessed!
So that was basically my week. But I love it here and I love the people and I love that Christmas is in 17 days! Life is good, even if the hills are steep.
Hope you all have a great week! Eat lots of Christmas cookies for me!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Evans

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