Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Cambio Of The Phoenix

March 2, 2015

Hola Familia!!!!!

We have risen from the ashes.  This is not a Harry Potter reference! We have gone from rock bottom with the whole Alonso situation to soaring above the clouds. This week we have been working harder than before and we have seen so many miracles!

After the whole Alonso thing we were like yeah not letting this get us down, we are good missionaries. So we put the goal that every day we were going to invite someone to be baptized, whether it was a contact on the street or in a lesson, every day we would extend at least one invitation. We are now going 10 days strong and the miracles just keep coming. We have found some amazing people this week. My favorites are first, Olga. She`s 89 years old. It`s crazy, my area is nothing but hills and everyone we find is way old. It`s funny though because she acts and looks like she`s 62 or something. But she`s so awesome. She read a part of the Book of Mormon and when we asked her if she liked it she said yes because she felt like she`d already read the book before. We were like that`s so amazing!!! We invited her to be baptized and she was like well yes! Why wouldn`t I get baptized?? She wasn`t able to come to church yesterday because she had to go do tramites because she just moved here from Argentina but she`ll hopefully come next week. She`s so great though. She told us that she feels like we`re her sisters. So sweet. She`s also a crazy clean freak, she gets up at 6 every day to go out and sweep her dirt, I mean.. yeah. At least her dirt is clean dirt right? Keep her in your prayers though!

Then my other favorite we found is Teresa. She`s in her fifties and is recovering from cancer. She`s really sweet and is definitely a woman of faith. We found her while contacting her street. She lives at the bottom of the hill and down where all the rich houses are so they all have intercoms outside their fence. Intercoms are the WORST. No one ever lets you in. But she did. The funny thing was when we went back to teach her, she spent 20 minutes just taking pictures of us, with her, with her husband, with her son, in every room of their house, outside, in front of their truck. We were like what the heck. One picture ok fine, like 30.. haha they just really like gringas I guess. But her family is super important to her and her husband works a lot so she`s super lonely. She`s lost a few people and then with the whole cancer thing she is just worried about the future. We first taught her about the plan of salvation and she was like wow what you think is really pretty. We told her we don`t only think it, we know it, and that she can know too! We invited her to pray about it and to come to church. AND she did! And sweet thing, she walked all the way there. She didn`t think it was as far as it was. BUT she came!!! And she LOVED IT!! She couldn`t stay for the classes but we gave her a tour of the chapel before she left. She stopped in front of a painting of Christ being baptized and was like that`s so pretty. I asked her if she`d like to do something like that and she said yes, very much. We told her that we were planning a baptism day for the 21 of march and she said then that`s the day I`ll be baptized! We didn`t even need to invite her! haha but then it was really sweet because she was like wait, what do I need to do? It was like she committed to it because she wanted it with her heart, before she thought it through in her head. I love that! Keep Teresa in your prayers too! She`s so awesome!

Friday we had a talent show for the ward activity. It was your typical Chilean talent show complete with at least one act dancing to a Grease song and another act of the two young women dancing to weird Asian music haha but it was a hoot. Only when it ended it was 9:22 and we need to be home at 9:30, 10 at the VERY latest. But afterward the branch president wanted to talk to us about this list of people and other things and by the time we got out of the church we had 12 minutes to climb the hill to our house. And locomotion does not pass by the church that late at night and no one in the branch has cars. We`re like oh my gosh we have to run up the hill. Now, note that to climb the hill from the church to our house, going very quickly normally takes 25 minutes. So we just took off praying praying praying because getting home late is the absolute WORST!!!! So we went and I just couldn`t bring myself to look at the time as we were going, I just didn`t want to know how late we were. We get to our house and look at the time. It took us 12 minutes to get there. 12 MINUTES!!! We were like woah.... ok that`s weird. That`s like crazy record time. It was a miracle!! I know that God was definitely slowing down time or something because yeah, 12 minutes is just not possible. 

But what I`ve learned most from everything is that when we`re diligent and go to work, the Lord takes whatever actions and efforts that we`re giving Him, no matter how awkward or imperfect and He uses them to work His miracles and to do His work. He knows what needs to be done and He does it. I know that the Lord really is doing His work, He is bringing in more and more of his children to the truth, but He needs us to be His hands and His feet and His mouth. He really does do the rest. I really feel like I have done nothing this past week. I didn`t make Olga feel the familiarity of the Book of Mormon, I didn`t make Teresa feel the importance of baptism, it is all the spirit. I`m just here as a witness of it all. I know God lives, I know that Christ lives, I know that they  are active Beings, doing what needs to be done so more of their children can choose to live with more truth and more happiness.

I love this wonderful work and the wonderful people here in Chile. It`s the best. I also love you all. Thank you so much for your support. I hope you have just a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!! MUAH!

Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Evans

Tan lines from just one day!

Weird caterpillar!

Teresa and me

Another pic of Teresa and me

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