Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Men Better!

October 13, 2014

Hello family!!

So I love the pics that you send me. Hahaha keep them coming!

I hope this emails finds you all good and well! This past week feels like a blur. I feel like I almost don´t have anything to say haha. We had cambios (transfers) but my compañera and I stayed together here in Limache. It was such a relief! I was worried that I was going to change but I have at least 6 more weeks with the wonderful people here! But things continue to be the same. We have wonderful investigadores that are progressing! We continue teaching them and it's so great to watch them grow and change in the gospel. It makes me feel like a proud parent haha!

This week we had our stake conference here. It was SUPER good! Our mission president spoke in the Saturday session and then he and his wife spoke together Sunday. Also Elder Zeballos, one of the seventy over Chile, and his wife spoke. It was my second time listening to them as we had a conference with them as a mission a few months back. They're super awesome!!!!

I really liked what Pres. Kahlein spoke about. His talked compared the Dream of Lehi with 3 Nefi 11, when Jesus cristo came to the Americas. In the dream, Lehi tried the fruit and then invited his family and others to come and try it too. When Christ came, the first thing He does is invite the people to come and touch his hands and feet. In both cases there´s an invitation for the people to experiment for themselves the goodness of either the fruit or of the Savior himself. No ones needs to convince them or use catchy or eloquent language. As the people follow the invitation that Jesus gave to Andrew in the Bible to come and see, they´ll know FOR THEMSELVES of the goodness that is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I thought it was a great message to get the members more motivated to share with their friends. Elder Zeballos spoke about the Atonement and it's everyday power to change us to become more and more like the Savior. I loved a quote he shared from a prophet that the objective of the gospel is to make bad men good and good men better. Also I loved a question he posed for us. ¨Why would we settle for the good when the best is within our reach?¨ He spoke a lot about the scripture in 2 Nefi that we are saved by grace after all we can do and how God doesn't expect anything more than our best effort. He knows that we can't do it all, but that we can do our best. This made me think of another scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 123 that I like a lot that says something like just do all that is within your reach and do it happily and then sit back and watch the hand of God do the rest. I just think that it is so wonderful that the gospel is not like some long list of do this and don't do that. But it's like this grand living thing that encourages us to be better. That tells us we REALLY can do it. And that we can do it happily! We don´t need to wait until we meet with some prerequisites. We can start right now. Right where we are. In a world where it seems like almost everyone wants to tear us down and tell us how good they are and how bad we are and that we are incapable of change, the gospel tells us differently. It says that you really are special. You really can do it. It's like the best self help plan ever. Especially because it's not even a journey that we take by our self. We have a Savior who wants to raise us up. The key is we just have to let Him. Gosh the gospel is just too good. I love it, love it, love it.

Also it´s actually starting to be spring here!!!!! I have tan lines on my feet! Hahah it´s crazy. This is like my first spring in a year and a half!

Well that´s about it. I´m sorry that I don´t have anything super exciting to report this week. But I'm happy and healthy and having a great time here with the people. I love you all!!!!! Thank you for everything!

Con todo el amor en mi corazón, 
Seester Evans

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