Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Field Is White And Ready For The Harvest!!!!

October 20, 2014
I´m in a ifferent computer place and the letter that comes after c in the alphabet oesn´t work.. I hope you can still unerstan. 
Let´s just be grateful it´s not a vowel. 

Hola familia!!!
¿Còmo estan? I hope you all ha a great week!!! Mine was super busy but super goo! How I like it. This week we ha interviews with the Presient an they went really well. It's funny, always on the way to the interview I get really nervous an like start secon guessing myself. I get worried that what if I'm not obeient or what is it that I´m not oing that I shoul be oing. What is he going to say? Is he going to chastise me??? What if he sens me home?? Like I know it´s umb because I know I´m not oing anything wrong AT ALL. But it´s always like ahhhh man what am I forgetting. But then when I went into the office an we sai the prayer an starte talking it was all goo. We ha a great little chat, a few laughs an that was that. I left feeling really great about everything an even more motivate to continue oing what I was oing an to continue searching opportunities to o more. I really hope final jugement is like that. That we can walk into the office with Heavenly Father an Jesus Christ sitting there an that for me it can be a great little chat about all that I i here on the Earth... Have a few laughs about that one time I learne Spanish an when I ha to use computers with ysfunctional keyboars. haha... and then I can walk through the oor to the celestrial kingom with a gran smile on my face an happiness in my heart. Oh that´d be so gran! Now I even kind of hope the interview is in Spanish because it´s just so much easier to talk about the gospel in Spanish than English now.. Who knows maybe we´ll be speaking heaven language which is probably Spanish, so I´m goo ;). 
As of right now we have 4 people with ates to be baptize!!! One of them is Franco, not to be confuse with JFrankyFly... He´s one tough nut to crack... No, Franco who tol us in the first lesson that he thinks he´s Go. hahaha that still makes me laugh. But he shoul be baptize this week! Only last night in the lesson we ha like 5 members there with us. The member we invite invite more people which is great but he´s like super shy so he´s not going to be super open in the lesson. When we aske him if he was still goo with getting baptize saturay he tol us that he has some personal things that he needs to resolve in his mind first. (oh good the d is working now!) But he told us that he couldn´t talk about the stuff at this time. I mean his interview is tomorrow so I hope everything works out!!!!!!!!! Gosh. He´s come so far!! We´re going to try to meet with him before to see what´s up. Diego, our other investigator who sí o sí will get baptized this saturay ha his interview yesterday. It was so funny because he´s like 9 and I think he has ADD or something because he can´t sit still to save his life. But we´re standing outsie the room with his parents listening to him answer the questions. When we taught him missionary work uring the lessons we made him a fake missionary call where he got called to serve a mission in the US speaking English. At the en the last question is if you´re willing to take upon the name of Christ an keep the commanments for your whole life and Diego goes, yes, BUT I CAN¨T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!  I think the Elder was kind of confuse at that response but we were cracking up!  We also went over the questions with Barbara who is just so amazing. After looking over the questions she goes ohh thinking about being baptized gives me this thing in my stomach, I feel like I´m in love or something! how adorable is that???????? Gosh. 
Also this week I found the twin of Velora. How is she oing by the way?? I miss that girl. The Chilean Velora is named Karen and is 15 and is just as cute an outgoing an adorable as Velora. She´s going to get baptize. She´s just too happy of a person to not! You know that scripture that says the field is white an ready for the harvest? That´s how I feel about Limache right now. Goo things are happening. The work is progressing an it´s amazing. 
I love you all. You don´t need to worry about me. I´m happy and healthy. 
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

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