Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dulce o Truco!!!

November 3, 2014

Hola familia!!

I seriously can't believe how fast this week went by! And how fast the month! How is it already November???
I hope you guys had a great Halloween!!!! They celebrate it here too but it's more a new thing and I guess every year it gets a little more popular! Holidays are like great days to find people because everyone is together. And we happened to be contacting in the evening so I decided to turn it into trick or treating because, why not? Only we were the ones with the REAL treat, the gospel of Jesus Christ!! So we'd go to the houses and we'd call out 'HALO' like normal and then when they answered I'd go 'dulce o truco'! Not everyone found it as funny as I thought it was, but we did find a new investigator out of it all!. And we have a lot of good futuros that we're going to pass by this week. And even though I'm a missionary this year I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to dress up for Halloween either, so I had my companion switch name tags with me in the evening so this year I was an Argentinean!! haha. So all in all I'd say it was a pretty successful Halloween! Also I got a pretty wicked sweet tan line across my chest from my shoulder bag. I think this is the first Halloween that I´ve gotten a tan! Another treat!
This week we also had intercambios (exchanges with another missionary for the day) so I got to work with Hermana Lucas who's from Guatemala. She´s like the sweetest thing I´ve ever met and we had a lot of fun together! We had a lesson with this one investigadora that we found last week. It turns out she has like crazy dreams. Now usually the people here are like pretty superstitious about their dreams and the dreams are like super crazy weird and usually I walk away just thinking the person is crazy. But this lady has this dream that an angel comes to her dressed in a white robe and gives her this white fruit to eat and she said that it was suppose to be the most delicious fruit. And like it's the end of the world and everyone is going crazy but she's super calm and the angel tells her that she doesn't need to fear and she's like together with her family. I was like woah, so then we read the story in the Book of Mormon about Lehi's dream and explained to her what the white fruit meant in the dream-eternal life. Then she told us about this other dream she had where it's like the end of the world or something but her husband was always with her, he always stays being her husband. I mean I'm no fortune teller or ancient indian dream interpreter but the dreams have a lot of gospel symbolism to me.. We taught about the plan of salvation and invited her to be baptized. She said yes! But the problem is that she works Sundays.. BUT she doesn't want to and has been trying to switch schedules. I'm praying for a miracle. Also we found ourselves with a menos activa that we found in the street a few months ago. We've been teaching her and her daughter who isn't a member. After one lesson with them I left them the story to read in the Book of Mormon about the conversion of Alma the younger  and when he saw the angel and how he received forgiveness. So there´s two tellings of the story. One in  the book of Mosiah and one in the book of Alma, right? Well I wanted to leave the one in Alma where it's Alma telling his sons about his experience but I got them confused in my mind and left them the one in Mosiah. Turns out there was a scripture in the version of Mosiah that really touched the heart of Vilma that's not in the version of Alma. She told us that she felt like through this part that God was really talking to her. It amazes me how the spirit works. I think this was one of the only times that I can be right by being wrong.
But the work continues on here in good ole Limache. I feel really thankful to be a missionary at this time. I was thinking about it the other day and I really think that serving a mission has been the greatest choice I've ever made. I've learned so much and experienced so much and I really like the person that I am becoming thanks to learning and applying the gospel everyday in my life and helping others do the same.
I love you all so much! 
Read your scriptures and invite someone to church this week! You won´t regret it!
Con todo el amor en mi corazòn,
Hermana Evans
I've been on my mission for 9 months!!!!  Half way done!!!

Baptism of Barbara


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