Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Love To "Sea" Chorrillos!!!!!!

November 24, 2014

Hola familia!!

Wow so this week was crazy! So much happened and I feel like it´s been 2 weeks since we last talked. It´s weird how time is always the same but sometimes it seems fast and sometimes like SUPER slow. But this week the time didn't go by slow because it was like bad and I was miserable. It was just like so much happened that it feels like it should be 2 weeks!
So Wednesday was cambios (transfers) and in the morning I got a call from Presidente Kahnlein. He´s sending me home. JUST KIDDING. He actually called me to tell me I'd been called to be a Hermana Líder Entrenadora. I don't know how to explain it but I guess it´s the hermana version of a zone leader, but not quite. So that´s what I´ll be for the rest of my mission. Which means that I changed areas too. So now I´m in a sector called Chorrillos which basically is a huge hill overlooking Viña. I'm seriously in heaven. We have the most beautiful view of the ocean from our house and basically on whatever spot of the hill, and we overlook the city of Viña and everything. So all day, everyday, we are just walking up and down hills overlooking the sea. It´s awesome!!! And my compañera is Hermana Avery who is just amazing. We´re like best friends. She´s from South Jordan, Utah, but grew up her whole life in Maryland so she says words like water funny. But honestly it´s so nice to finally be with an American after 3 months. Finally someone with the same culture!! I´m so glad to have someone to actually laugh with and quote Nacho Libre ( You have no clue how applicable so many of those quotes are ). I think I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life. And that´s saying something because I´ve had a pretty happy life. 
So this week we were teaching this little raisin of a old man, named Luis. He´s like 80 years old but looks like he´s about 100 and he had a baptism date for the 30th. We taught him all the basics and he was going to come to church with us. So we called him Sunday morning to make sure that he was up and getting ready and he told us that after the last lessons about temples that he didn´t believe in any of that stuff and that he never wants to come to church again and that he wants to return his Book of Mormon. It was really sad because he was so receptive. It's especially weird that it was temples that made him not want to get baptized instead of the word of wisdom or tithing or whatever, but like the greatest part of the whole gospel. But we went to his house anyway to talk with him and he didn't answer so we´re going to pass by again in a few days and see what happens (he has a little bit of dementia (spelling?) so I'm hoping that he´ll forget or something and be good to come to church next week). We're also teaching this lady Gabriela who is just precious. Her children got baptized a few months ago and are super awesome! The missionaries before were teaching her mom too but the mom just died two weeks ago, a week before her own baptism. So now Gabriela is even more motivated to come to church and be baptized because she knows how important it was for her mom. She´s even quitting smoking and everything to do it! She´s awesome. But the problem is her husband who doesn´t want them coming to church because he doesn´t want to be left alone ( I think that´s the dumbest thing I´ve ever heard) so we´re going to try to talk with him this week. 
We´ve also just been doing some killer contacting this week to find investigadores because those are the only two we have. We found this one guy, Javier, yesterday who I swear is one of the chosen ones. He´s so prepared! AND he´s married!!! You have no clue how rare it is that a 26 year old guy is married here. But he is! We seriously walked away going 'oh my gosh he´s so going to get baptized'! Ok so we might say that about everyone, but I have really great feelings about his one.
So I love all the pictures! You guys are babes! Although I´m slightly jealous that you went to Wicked without me..... And the temple lights are beautiful!!!!
I love the gospel. Everyday I know more and more that it´s true and that everyone needs the opportunity to hear it! I love sharing my testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Jesus Christ with people in the streets, on hills, in their homes, in cabs, in the metro, in whatever place and whatever time. I´m very grateful to have it in my life and that I get to share it in a place as beautiful as Viña. 
Con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
Hermana Ebans
(There´s a member here that refuses to say my name right, apparently it´s more Chilean this way)
Hmmmmm.....What would you order????

Saying Good-bye to Barbara and Bruno

Saying Good-bye to Raquel

The Vista!!!!

Views of my new area!!!!

More views!!!!

View from our window!!!!

What we eat when we cancel lunches!

Check out all those stairs!!!!!

Beautiful Vina!!!


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