Friday, November 21, 2014

Where All The Cool Kids Hang Out!!!

November 17, 2014

Hola familia,
I hope you all had a great week and that this email finds you good and well!! 
So on Tuesday we had an interesting experience. We were walking down the street and this guy in a truck pulls over next to us and stops us. He goes, Hey, where can I get one of those books?! He points at the Libro de Mormon in my hand. And we´re like This book?? El Libro de Mormon?? I was taken by surprise a little because the people usually just don´t ask for the book. (though, let´s be honest, people should be lining up to read this marvelous book!). And he was like yeah! I found a part of the book a while back, and I want to finish reading it! I want to know what happens. How can I get a copy of the book?? And so of course we´re like here take it! Actually I gave it to him for a price: A prayer. That after reading the book, if he would pray and ask God if the book is true. He said he´d pray. But that afterward he wanted to find us and for us to explain to him about the book. We said of course! And then we tried to take his address but he wouldn´t give it to us. I was like but how will we be able to explain the book to you if we don´t know where you live! And he was just like, no I will find you. And after asking him like 3 more times for his address he still wouldn´t give it to us. Then he gave us the homework to read psalms 146. (I really did read it. It´s very pretty.) And he drove away never to be seen again. At least for the week. We´ll see if he really does find us this next week...
Also we had a super amazing lesson this week with one of our investigadoras Priscila. I can´t remember if I´ve mentioned her yet but she always has like crazy dreams, about an angel giving her a white fruit. When we taught her about the restoration it was really hard to have the spirit testify because there was a lot of distraction with her little kids.  So we decided that for the next time we´d watch the video about the Restoration. I was praying the whole time that the little girl would behave good for the part of the first vision so she could feel the spirit testify in that moment. And she did! It was perfect! We asked her how she felt and she said really peaceful. We asked if she had prayed about the Book of Mormon and she said yes and that she believes it´s true! So then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! Only the problem is that she works Sundays and can´t come to church. She´s trying to change her schedule though. We´re praying and fasting for her that she´ll be able to! But keep her in your prayers!! 
Also it was super cute. We were teaching Diego (the little boy who got baptized a few weeks ago) about the gospel of Jesus and we were playing this game we made and the game had a CTR (choose the right) sticker (well more accurately HLJ sticker) and we asked him if he knew what it meant and he was like Yeah! It´s the club for Jesus! hahahaha that made me laugh.  He´s a smart kid. 
Anyway those are some of this weeks´s highlights.... But know that I am happy and healthy and I have some pretty sick tan lines now too. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I know it´s true. And I know not because I was born into the church and I´m just following some tradition of my father´s. I know it´s true because I´ve tried the commandments and received the promised blessings. I´ve tried the promise at the end of the Book of Mormon and I´ve discovered for myself that it´s true. I know it´s true because I´ve seen it change the lives of others. I´ve seen the gospel and it´s glorious teachings work inside people and change them on the outside. I´ve seen it change lives. I´ve received answers to my prayers in ways that I can´t explain. I know that God lives. That He listens. That we are His children and that He shows us the way to return back to Him successfully. And I know that the way is a path of happiness and security. Of confidence and meaning. And He gives us the choice if we want to follow that path or not. I hope that we can always choose the right and be a member of Jesus´club--it´s where all the cool kids hang out. 
Family, I love you! Have a great week and choose the right!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hermana Evans
This is Estephanie.  She lives with an inactive member of the church.
I taught her how to make cookies.  It's crazy, nobody here makes cookies like
we do.  It was funny, they didn't believe me that the balls of dough would
flatten out, so we made one pan with the balls and then the other pan where
she flattened them out like a cookie.  ha ha, guess who won?  Yep, that's
right, I did!  But then they claimed she did because her cookies were bigger!
So, we named it a tie!  ha ha!!!!

Awkward district photo after our activity last week!

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