Friday, February 13, 2015

I Hope Your Children Become Architects!

February 9, 2015

Hola familia!

I hope you guys had a great week.  This week was pretty great.  I`ll catch you up on everything.
So a few weeks ago we were walking up the street and this guy walks by and is like ¨Good night!¨ in English, but no one says good night at 6, it`s good evening.  So we corrected him and he stops and looks at us and is like No, Good night. And we`re like no, it`s good evening and then he started speaking very bad English with us. We just figured that he was drunk and crazy so let him just go on with his day. Then a few days later on intercambios the other Hermana that came to our area contacted the same crazy and he was like yeah I`ll meet with you guys. So we went Sunday to meet with him in this little plaza place and we were able to teach him and put a baptism date with him. (I may have already mentioned that to you guys.. We taught him after Gabriela`s baptism) Anyway so we`ve been meeting with him a few times these past weeks and he`s come to church! He gets there at 8:30 in the morning even though we`ve told him that church starts at 10. He just likes to be punctual. Anyway it`s so funny teaching him because he`s crazy! I mean he`s great, but he`s crazy. He actually was hit by a truck years ago and now his knee is messed up and it`s hard for him to walk, especially the hills and he has a little brain damage from the accident. So that`s mostly why he`s a little crazy now. He just shoots off with the most random stuff sometimes in the middle of lessons. This past week he`s been telling us to take bananas blended with milk after we run in the mornings, para las calambres (for the cramps) haha or the other day as we were leavings he`s like I hope that you`re children become architects. I`m not sure what that means but I really do appreciate his well wishes. But honestly, Alonso is awesome. He`s one of the chosen ones. He`ll be the first person that I`ve taught that`ll get baptized in 3 weeks which is the fastest someone can get baptized in our mission (they have to come to church at least 3 times). Everyone in the branch was like aww but he has a really bad smoking problem don`t bother (I`m just like have you met Gabriela?? Smoking can be overcome.) But since the day we taught him word of wisdom he says with a little effort he can stop. And he seriously hasn`t smoked since. And the other day he was telling us some random story about something by the church building and he described it as OUR church. Like it`s his church too!! Ahh that just made me so happy. Also it was so sweet. When we were teaching him about repentance I asked him if he`s felt like he`s changed since he started learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said yes and I asked him how has he changed and he goes Ï`m the happiest that I`ve ever been in my whole life.¨ Ok is that not the most heart warming, joyful thing you`ve ever heard??? It just filled my whole being with gladness!!! Honestly that is seriously the best thing that anyone can ever tell me as a missionary. That with the gospel they feel the happiest they`ve ever felt. Because that tells me that they are not only listening but applying it and that they are feeling the same happiness that I feel. That the happiness of the gospel really is REAL and it`s something that EVERYONE can feel, if they really want to. Alonso had is baptism interview yesterday and he passed! So he`s good to go for Sunday! Only I`m a little worried because we have cambios AGAIN on Wednesday! I seriously can`t believe how fast this change just flew by! And I really really really really really really don`t want to leave. Not now. So I`m really praying that I stay. But I`m grateful for the mission presidente that we have because honestly I know that he would never do anything contrary to the will of God so if I do change it`s because that`s what God wants and so that`s fine with me. But if you asked for my personal input, I really hope I stay.
Also are you ready to hear the coolest miracle ever??? So Thiare, Gabriela`s daughter, fell down the metro stairs at the beginning of the week and broke her tailbone! So sad right, because that is just so painful. She`s been in bed on her stomach all week. They told her that she was going to be in recovery for 6 months! Gabriela showed us the xrays and you could see how the bone was just way messed up, facing in the opposite direction. OUCH! So she gets a priesthood blessing and then went back for the next doctors appointment a few days later where they took xrays again. THEY CAN'T FIND ANYTHING: NOTHING. AT ALL: It`s healed. I`m like oh my gosh that`s the kind of story they wrote about in the bible!! I mean what a miracle!! I`m so glad that they were able to have that experience, especially Gabriela being such a new member, because now their testimonies of the priesthood power are so much stronger. They know it`s real. When Gabriela told us at church I freaked out. So great! 
As far as my tooth, they`re doing it in 3 sessions so I went to the first last week and they basically just drilled a huge hole in my tooth and now I have to wait until Thursday for them to keep going on it. I really wish they could just do it all in one, I don't know why they don`t.. But I`m still alive, even if my tooth isn`t. We`ll see what happens. 
So well basically those were the highlights of this week!
Wishing you guys the best of the coming days! Until next week!
Love you all!
Hermana Evans

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