Tuesday, February 17, 2015

La Mano de Dios!!!!

February 16, 2015
Hoolllllaaaaaaa faamiliaaaaaa!
Ok so this week was just CRAZY. Ok well actually the week was pretty normal and boring (except for a root canal.. woohoo!) until yesterday.... oh. my. gosh... Yeah so I'll fill you all in.
 The week started off good and normal. We went to this artesian feria (it`s like a flea market thing) and it was super cool! They had stuff from all over South America! I found a really pretty necklace with this stone called lapis lazuli that`s only found in Chile and one other place in the world, like Africa or something. Super cool.
Cambios were last week and we STAYED together! We were way happy! I wasn`t ready to leave yet either, there`s just so much that needs to be done here. So it was a huge relief. But also it`s weird how you usually know what`s going to happen for cambios even before you get the call in the morning. You can usually just feel it. And we both felt that we were going to stay together and we did. YAY!
Then I went for the darn root canal. Root canals suck. They really do. Going into it I didn`t believe it was going to be bad at all. And it`s not like it was bad but it was extremadamente uncomfortable. And they did mine in two parts (no clue why) so it was like right when you start feeling a little better you go right back in for them to torture you again, I mean finish it. I still have another appointment on Thursday for them to close my tooth up. BAH I`m just ready for it all to be done. But I have my pain medicine and I can still work so it could be worse.
So yesterday our investigator Alonso who`s crazy was suppose to get baptized. We show up to church (cool story: We`re walking down to the church which is at the bottom of the mountain, I mean hill, and we live at the top. We`re walking with Nora who`s that sweet old lady that I`ve sent pics of, and this guy on his way up stops and offers to take us down in his car. Turns out he`s the husband who`s not active of a lady in the branch. So that was way nice of him. We were very grateful) and Alonso shows up. Perfect! He`s there way early like always and takes a seat in a pew in the back. We`re talking with the other members and stuff and then we notice that Alonso is gone and so we go look to see where he is and we see him outside talking with our leader missional. We`re like oh man. What happened? We go back in though and then a few minutes later Claudio (the leader misional) comes in and tells us that apparently this crazy menos activa lady came in and told Alonso that he had to move because he was in ¨her pew¨ or something like that. (I`m like ok first you don`t even come every week so you really can`t even call dibs if you wanted to.. whatever) But Alonso got REALLY OFFENEDED by that. And stormed out and said that he`s never coming back into the church because he doesnt`want to see her face. So then we go and try to talk to him and explain everything and he is just like no. I`m not going back. We talk about Christ and everything and he is just not having it. And he storms off up the hill. We keep standing there and wait to see if he`ll come back and he does after a few minutes and is like I`ll go back for you guys. So we go back in but  the sacrament is being passed so we have to wait outside for them to finish passing the sacrament. We go in and sit on the other side. Now he`s like can I still be baptized and we`re like yeahhh probably. Afterwords we had him have a little interview with the Branch Pres. to make sure that he`s ok, that everything`s ok, to just talk about what happened and the baptism and I guess in the interview Alonso just totally interrupted the president and said ¨AM I getting baptized or not??!!¨And the branch president said that`s really up to you, but we weren`t able to announce it in sacrament because you left so we just have to tell everyone about it now and then Alonso just freaks and is like no, then just forget it and storms out of the office and comes into the class to say goodbye to us and just leaves. Come to find out, Gabriela tells us that she`s also seen him smoking all last week. And that is honestly what really hurt because we`d be asking him if he`d been smoking, and we told him he can`t be baptized if he smokes within a week of the baptism, and he`d told us everyday that he hadn`t smoked since we taught him about the word of wisdom. Now to know that he`s just been lying straight to our faces was a little bit of like a punch in the face. We did nothing to deserve being lied to, especially over something as dumb as smoking.  We just want to help. So obviously, he didn`t get baptized yesterday and I honestly don`t know if he is going to be getting baptized anytime soon either. He called us after church and asked if we could meet up today in the plaza? And we were just like no, we can`t. We needed time and we felt like he needed some time too so we`re going to see him tonight. But it just hurts you know? We were doing everything we could for him to help him, we`d seen changes in him, he`d always been so grateful for learning about the gospel and then he wasn`t even honest in the end. BUT I do have to say that it`s really cool how everything did happen. Maybe we didn`t know at the time that he wasn`t ready to be baptized but God knew. I don`t know why that crazy less active lady asked him to move but good thing she did. I don`t know why we felt like he had to talk with the branch pres but good thing he did because we found out that he wasn`t truly ready and that Gabriela was able to tell us that he`s been smoking. While I want with all my heart for everyone to be baptized so they can enjoy so many more blessings, I don`t want them to do it unworthily, and I definitely don`t want to be responsible for that. So really everything happens for a reason. So it`s really totally fine. He`s just crazy. But it`ll be interesting to see what will happen this week with him.
Besides that whole fiasco everything is great here in Viña. I have an awesome district and an awesome area and I`m really excited to just keep finding more people to teach and help come to know the love that God has for them. I really am so happy here doing this work. It`s just great.
I love you all! Have a great week and look for God`s hand in your life! When you look, you find it and it`s SO COOL!
Con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans
The moon off in the distance

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