Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Un Ano, What????!!!!!!!!

February 2, 2015
Hola familia!!
I had a super great week this week! First off Gabriela got confirmed yesterday and so now she`s good to go! It was such a relief! I wasn`t that worried about her because she`s just progressed SO much but still you never know. She scared us though because we were talking to her and she was just telling us how she almost smoked the other day but didn`t but then she stops and gets all serious and is like Hermanas I have something I have to tell you guys and we`re like oh no. no, don`t tell us, no. And she`s like I ate the cookies we had for you guys. hahaha oh man. Normally I`d probably be pretty bummed about not getting cookies but in the moment I was so happy. I just hope she doesn`t make a habit of that..
Gabriela also got up and shared her testimony yesterday. It was honestly the sweetest thing. She shared a scripture and talked about what she liked about it. I just felt the spirit so strong. She seriously has come SO far. I really wish I could express to you in words everything I`ve seen and learned from her and her battle to overcome smoking so she could get baptized and do the work in the temple for her mom. But there`s just no words sweet enough that can convey everything--in English or in Spanish. I`m just so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ that makes it possible for us to overcome every weakness and temptation and truly makes us new and better people. SO GREAT!
So I guess you heard about the root canal from the mission nurse.... YAY! haaaa. Actually though Hermana Kahnlein called me a few days ago and it`s been rescheduled for tomorrow so I will let you guys know next week how it all went. It only makes sense though. Last year I broke my front tooth in the MTC, this year I need a root canal. Thank goodness girls only serve 18 months, I don`t want to be around to know what would happen next year..
This week Hermana Hansen and I also celebrated our one year as missionaries!!! It was so awesome that we arrived together and we got to celebrate together. We celebrated with homemade quesadillas y donuts. We put a candle in the middle of the donut to blow out and everything. I really can`t believe that it`s been an entire year. The meaning of a year has definitely lost it`s meaning. I feel like I got here 3 weeks ago or something. It`s crazy. Also during our year celebration we found this HUGE spider on our curtain. Don`t worry though, like the mature, one year old missionaries that we are, we drenched it with tanax (bug spray) and tried to set it on fire with a match. It suffices me to say that it is dead. Like my tooth. ahhh sorry... I'm just ready for tomorrow to be over with.
Also I completed my dream of playing futbol (or as I used to say soccer) with real Chileans. We played (messed around really) in the most ghetto court I`ve ever seen overlooking the beautiful view of Viña. It was AWESOME. And if you`re not already enough impressed--I even did it in a skirt. WHAT!!
Now to close for the cutest thing ever that just melted my heart this week. So the Hermana Nora washes our clothes for us. She is literally the cutest most energetic old lady I have and will probably ever meet in my life. (She`s the old lady in those photos). So we went over to visit them (she and her son got baptized like a year ago) and she had all our little socks all over the table and was in the middle of folding them. So I sat down and helped her roll our socks and I was just like Hermana you do so much for us. Thank you for all you do and she was like oh mi hijita! ( I really wish you could hear her little high pitched old lady voice, it`s just the best) you guys work so hard all day long serving the lord and I want to work too! I can`t do much but I can do this and that makes me happy!! Seriously my heart just melted and I just had to hug that sweet woman. She is seriously the best.
Today we went to this super cool museum here in Viña. We saw this mummified body from like 2000 BC or something crazy like that. I was just like that`s probably the brother of Jared from the Book of Mormon. It was way cool though because it was all dated from the Book of Mormon times. And they even had Easter island stuff there too! So basically it`s been a great start to the week. 
Well I have to go but I love you all and I hope you have a great spider free week!! 
con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Evans

Big yucky spider!

Getting ready to celebrate year as a missionary
homemade quesadilla to celebrate!

First year celebration as a missionary! Her companion is Hermana Hansen.



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