Thursday, July 17, 2014

Feesh or Fish

July, 14, 2014

Hola familia!
Sounds like you guys had a great week full of sun and camps! I love the pictures you sent! I haven´t got your envelope yet but hopefully soon!

This week was such a funny week haha.... I forgot my journal though so I´m going to try to remember everything.... We were talking to this one guy we met last week. The first lesson we brought a member with us since he lives alone and we can´t enter his house, but the second time we just went ourselves and talked with him in front of the house. So at one part he interrupts us and asks us what our birthdays are and then does this weird numerology thing to tell us about our personalities or something (he was so wrong btw). He then tells us that he couldn´t do that for us the first time because the senora was with us and in Chile they kill you if you know too much. Ah man haha I about burst a kidney trying to hold in my laugh. Then a while later this sweet old lady walking by stops and asks if we know where Cristian lives and he looked at her like he had no idea what she was saying so she was like oh well thanks and kept walking. He then looked at us and was like I´m not going to tell her! what if she wants to kill him! hahaha I think se te fueron los enanitos pal bosque (the midget escaped from him for the forest (The Chileans speak with the weirdest modismos but I love them!--this one is my favorite right now, it means,  'he´s crazy').
Then yesterday we were at lunch with one of the members and their daughter is like 6 and she was asking me how to say pez in English so I was like fish! And she looked at me and was like no it´s not! It´s ¨feesh¨ bahahahahaha. Then she asked me how to say tortuga in English so I was like turtle! And again she was like no it´s not!! It´s tourtle (I didn´t really know how to spell that like how she said it, but just imagine it´s said with a heavy accent) hahah.  I asked her if she was sure about that and she said yes because she´s been practicing with her teacher at school. ahahahaha kids these days know too much for their own good haha.Oh and Libertad and Antonio had their baby this week too! And get this, Antonio came to church by himself on Sunday just so he could pass the sacrament! Is he golden or what???

Ah man I feel like I had another funny story to tell you guys but I can´t remember anything else. The days all blur together and I can´t keep everything straight in my head sometimes but I guess there´s always next week! Anyway everything is all good here! I´m so happy! We´re finding new people everyday and the work is always progressing! We have cambios Wednesday so we´ll see if I stay or if I go. I think I'll probably have one more cambio here in Quillota but we´ll see for sure Wednesday!

I love you!!!!!!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hna Evans

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