Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hola Limache!!!!

July 21, 2014

Hola familia!!!
Wow so this week has been kind of crazy but super great!!!! So we had cambios on Wednesday and I was pretty sure I was going to stay one more cambio but I ended up getting changed! I was super sad because we have some awesome investigadores and I was super excited to see them continue to progress but I guess that´s how the mission goes. I know they´re going to get baptized though because after our last lesson with them the spirit was just too strong for them to not know that this church is true. It was also super sad saying good bye to Antonio and Libertad and Hna. Maria. I love that family so much!! I went over so I could meet their new baby who is the cutest, smallest little bean I´ve ever seen. I swear the hardest rule to follow as a missionary is the no holding babies one. But it was also a really awesome experience saying good bye to Antonio because he got really emotional which made me get emotional. It was just one of those moments when all I could think is this is why I´m on a mission. Seeing the changes in him and in this family over the past months has been amazing! They are so awesome and I know they will continue strong in the gospel always.

This gospel is SO awesome!! I just wish everyone could understand that and experience all it´s blessings! I honestly feel so blessed to have it . Heavenly Father´s plan for us is so perfect and when we understand it and accept it, it brings us so much happiness! No matter what other thing is happening in our life, no matter what trials or problems or annoyances, the peace and stability and happiness of the gospel is always there.
But yeah, also it was super sad saying goodbye to my compañera because we were like best friends. But the good thing is that she lives in Provo and goes to BYU so I will get to see her again and there´s more adventures to come.
So I´m in Limache, which is this awesome quaint town. It´s super calm and in the country which is so beautiful. Everything here is pretty green, it almost reminds me of Germany a little. But I like it here and my new compañera, Hna. Stewart, is like the coolest person ever. She´s from Salt Lake, 23 years old and a nurse. Also she´s gone to a bunch of different countries doing humanitarian work and stuff. We get along super great and are super excited about the work here. At first it was hard because we´re opening this area. Which means we were both new here so we had no clue where anything was, who were the investigadores, nothing. But now we´ve kind of figured things out and are finding new people and everything is going great! Also our new house has a mirror in the bathroom!!!! I forgot those things existed! It´s awesome!
Our ward here is pretty good and the members though not mucho are strong and excited about missionary work. It´s interesting in the chapel, they don´t have any pews, it´s just rows and rows of chairs. And the ward has the most awesome thing ever, it´s called VAS (Viegito adultos solteros) It´s like YSA (young Single Adult activities) but for old people. They meet and have Family Home Evening every friday. 
We also teach English classes here which is super fun. I get a kick out of hearing them try to pronounce some of the words, but we help each other, me with their English and them with my Spanish and we´re all better for it.
Anyway I´m out of time so I´ll write more next week! I hope you all have an awesome week!!!!!
con todo el amor en mi corazon, 
hna evans
P.S. I´m with dad on the beehive idea. Bees are bees, they sting. You´re crazy, or maybe just part Amish or something.. haha sincerley, your daughter that´s allegic to bee stings.

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