Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Book That Taught Me Spanish

June 30, 2014

Well hola!

I´m so glad you all had a good week! I love you all more than you know!

This week went by SO FAST. I seriously can´t believe it´s Monday because I feel like it was just here.
A GREAT BIG FELICIDADES to Jordyn on her wedding!!!!!! That´s so crazy. But it sounds like it was lovely! I have so many funny memories of us together from elementary school on up!  haha. It´s so wierd to think she´s MARRIED now! But please tell her next time you see her that though I couldn´t be there I am BEYOND happy for her and I´m sending a great big Chilean abrazo to her! Wish them all the very best! and tell her we´ll get together and celebrate next summer :)
So you know how everything is reverse here? Well not everything, that was an over exaggeration, but the seasons? So I realized that meant that the 25th here was like Christmas for us in the winter. My compañera y yo found a box of Christmas lights and a little Christmas tree and stuff so we decorated our apartment and sang Christmas songs the few days leading up to it. You probably think we´re crazy but it was super fun! haha
Also this morning I finished El Libro de Mormon for the first time in Spanish!!!! I´ll let you in on a secret.... It´s just as good and just as true in Spanish as it is in English. Actually as weird as it is, I understood some of the verses and parts in Spanish better than I ever did in English. It´s awesome! And I am pleased to announce that from about the middle of  the book of Alma on, I didn´t even need to read it with my English scriptures, I could understand it on my own!

We read the Book of Mormon together as a mission and the president asks us to highlight certain things as we read. For example, this time we highlighted every time there was the word Dios or Jesus or any form of their names, when it talked about prayer, obedience, and the direct words of the Lord. It´s crazy to flip through the book and see how many times it talks about God and Christ. Basically multiple times on almost every page. It´s crazy. It kind of made me think today like wow if my life was a book how many times would the name of Christ show up on my pages? I hope multiple times on every one too. Its a great motivational thought though to make me strive even more to live in a way where Christ will be there on every page, in every sentence.... I love the Book of Mormon SO much! It´s the book that taught me Spanish. I love the promise at the end where we can pray and ask God, the source, no one else, if it´s true. As I read the book everyday I´m really starting to feel like the person that God not only wants me to be, but knows that I´ll be. I know The Book of Mormon is true.

I love you all so much! Enjoy those summer rays!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón, 
Hermana Evans

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