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August 4, 2014
Hola!!!!! How´s my favorite family???? I hope all is well with you guys!

This week was great but the weather here has been super weird.

So update on one of my stories from last week----remember the lady I told you about that we found in the calle who has the terrible smoking addiction? So we passed by her house for our appointment and guess what?? She´s already a member! She got baptized like 15 years ago and hasn´t gone to church in years. That was a surprise for sure! But isn´t that so cool how God is always looking out for us. Even when we haven´t gone to church or are keeping His commandments. He is still there for us. He still wants to help. He sends answers. He really doesn´t forget about us!! like ever. The scripture in 1 nefi 20:15-16 came to my mind. If anything, I think I´m really learning just how grand and incomprehensible and amazing the love of God is. I know that´s something we´ll never be able to fully understand but man, I don´t even know what to say. It´s super hard to express in words just how amazing and all encompassing the love of God is for us. It´s just always there. Always.

Also fasting is just amazing. There is just so much power in it! So yesterday we were fasting for our investigadores that they could come to church. Especially for Pamela and Tiare because they had dates for baptism. We had been calling them and passing by their house and everything to confirm that they were going to come but we just couldn´t get in contact with them. And unfortunately they didn´t come. And I know it might sound dramatic but it´s honestly like heartbreaking when people don´t come to church. Because you just love them so much and just want them to progress! And then they don´t follow through and it´s just like ahhh man. But we did have another investigadora come which was awesome! She´s just so sincere and really has a desire to learn about Jesus! It´s so beautiful when people have that genuine desire.

But the coolest thing that happened is when we got to the church our mission leader comes over and was like I want to introduce you to an investigador and I thought he was talking about Matilde and was kind of confused because I already know her, but then he introduced us to this man who we´d never met and just came on his own!! No invite, no nada! Who does that??? Can everyone be like him???? I sat with him in sacrament meeting and at the end I turned to him and asked, so what made you want to come to the church this morning? Because to be honest I was kind of confused. And get this, he says Jesus brought me here today. And I was just like yeah he did. Anyway we have a cita with him this coming week and we ended up running into him on the street later in the evening and he was like is it ok if I invite one of my friends for the cita?? He´s already sharing the gospel and he´s not even a member! Man. Is that cool or what??

To be honest sometimes I just don´t get it. It´s funny because we work so hard to get investigadores to come to church. We fast that they come. And in spite of all we do, most don´t follow through. Agency has it´s ups and downs I guess haha. But even when the people don´t follow through, the Lord always does. He always finds some way to answer our fast. It´s so clear that this is His work and He is preparing the people. 

Funny story real fast... So we´re walking down the calle and this random asks us where we´re from so we start talking to him. We explain we´re missionaries and all that and he was like asking us about it so we start explaining the church, ask him if he´s heard of the libro de Mormon and all that good stuff. And he´s like woah that´s so cool, like it makes sense that there´d be the libro of mormon because God wouldn´t just send prophets to one side of the the earth. And we´re just like right?? Like he got it. And so he was like ok yeah I´m going to come to church, we took his address and it was like the most perfect contact in the history of missionary contacts. And guess what? He came to church. In fact he got up and even bore his testimony.... Because he´s already a member! And is waiting for his own mission call. hahaha those Chileans, I´ll tell you. But yeah it was pretty funny! 

Anyway I guess that´s it for this week! But I love you all so much! I hope everything is so good! Enjoy the beach, eat your veggies and maybe even give the missionaries in the ward a reference! They´ll love you forever!!

Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
Hna. Evans

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