Monday, August 11, 2014

Feliz Dia del Nino

August 11, 2014

Hola familia!!

Well it´s Monday again! I´m so glad that you guys are all well and good! I pray for you all every day! 

This week was another great one. We were able to teach a lot and we even finally met our goal of having 7 lessons with members there with us! It´s always hard getting members that are available so meeting this goal was huge! Also the people progress so much faster when they know people in the ward because then they are more willing to come to actividays and church once they feel like they have a friend there. I´m so happy to hear you´re going out with the sisters there! And that you even bought the lady a skirt to wear! I hope you know just how amazing I think you are!!!!!

So here yesterday was Dìa del Niño, which is like mothers day or fathers day but kids day. Am I a terrible person for thinking that´s the dumbest holiday EVER?? Especially when people use it as an excuse to not come to church. What´s next? Dìa del perro?? Oh man I probably shouldn´t give the Chileans any ideas.. BUT we had another milagro because we had the pareja of one of the menos activas who isn´t a member decide he wanted to come to church and so now we have the investigador bringing the menos activa to church! What is the world coming to?! Hahaha I love it.

This week was pretty much the same as them all. Thursday we had our English class that we teach and it´s super fun! We have about 4 people that come regularly but one time we had 8 there! It´s so funny because Marcel this older guy in the ward will read all the words like it´s Spanish. I actually do feel kind of bad sometimes because English really doesn´t make sense in the pronounciation. But it´s so funny because we´ll repeat for him, like no it´s like this, and he just keeps saying it the same way every time. hahaha it´s like a whole other language!

Also Friday we had our noche de hogar aka family home evening with VAS. Which stands for Viejitos Adultos Soleteros. It´s like Young Single Adult activities but for the old people and it´s so awesome! VIVA VAS! We get so off topic it´s hilarious! They just say whatever comes to mind and then we always end up talking about the government of Israel. Always. haha no matter what spiritual message we share. oh VAS.. 
Also I open up my inbox today and have the coolest email from the President of the CCM (MTC) in Santiago. Remember when I told you about my first street contact in Chile? Well apparently Pres. Doll ran into him at the temple the other day. He was there doing baptisms! How AMAAZINGG is that!!!???!!!?!?!?! I´m SO WAY BEYOND HAPPY to know that he really did get baptized and he´s active and going to the temple!!!!!!!!!!! The gospel is amazing! Missionary work is amazing!!! AH LOVE IT!
Everything is going great here! We have a lot of really good investigadores that we´re working with but I´m kinda worried what´s going to happen because on Wednesday my compañera and one of the other hermanas in the ward (we´re 2 companionships here) goes home so I think what's going to happen is that I´ll stay here with the other hermana and we´ll have ALL of Limache which is like HUGE and I don´t know if we can visit as consistently and I just don´t want to loose all the progress we´ve made with the people. But I just keep telling myself that the Lord knows what´s going on and if the people are really ready, He´ll take care of it. But yeah it´ll be interesting to see what´ll happen! I´m super sad though to say goodbye to Hna. Stewart though because she´s awesome and we get along so well! But change is good too. So I´ll let you know what ends up happening! 
Oh and I almost forgot! Answers to your questions
1. No I haven´t got the envelope yet but we have a zone meeting this week so hopefully it will be there!
2. I´m like shocked and beyond excited about Aleigh´s news! She sent me pictures and they are just going to be the cutest little family ever! Too excited for her and Hunter!
3. My Spanish is bueno haha. I don´t know if I can say I´m fluent fluent but I can communicate all my thoughts and tell stories and sometimes I say things that even surprise me that I can say in Spanish. But I´m slowly perfecting my grammar and conjugations and such. But I can understand basically everything now so that´s so nice! 
4. I´m staying warm so don´t worry about that!
5. Yes, I´d say our house has decent plumbing haha I mean the shower is warm and the toilet flushes.. haha good question
6. No we don´t have heat. We have this little heater thing that we plug into the wall but can only use it 3 hours a day so we use it right before bed and for a little in the morning during studies...
Ok well that´s it for this week! I love you all!!!
Con todo el amor en mi corazón,
hna., evans

Nancy, an investigator from Quillota
Nancy and other investigators from Quillota

Libertad and her new baby

Saying goodbye to Antonio in Quillota

pots of plants in front of a house

Mt Campana....takes 6 hours to hike to the top where you can see the andes mts in one direction
and the ocean in the other direction....

The town of Limache, Chile

City lights of Limache

Walking back from lunch we came upon a horse!

Pretty hills and mountains

Limache is beautiful

Me and Hermana Stewart

Making pan (bread) at a Relief Society activity

Our VAS group- it's like young single adult activities but with older people

Once (pronounced, own-say) It's what the Chileans have instead of dinner

Isabel and her son, Alejandro.  They are investigating the church!

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