Monday, August 18, 2014

Do We Know What We Have???

August 18, 2014

Hola familia!!!
So it was another crazy week. But you know what they say... Actually I don´t know what they say but I'm sure the Chilean's probably have some crazy modismo that applies.

Pero this week was really great and by really great I mean when we got ice cream and I couldn´t decide which flavor I wanted. (Have you ever had pineapple ice cream??? IT'S AMAZING.) The man was super nice and gave me the other one for free....

But also this week I had to say goodbye to my compañera Hna. Stewart who finished her mission. It was actually really sad because we got along really well. It was probably the hardest compañera to lose yet. I definitely miss her but the mission goes on. My new compañera is Hna. Ulloque who´s from Colombia but grew up in Venezuela. She was actually in the Venezuelan military and is kind of hard core a little. She has this foto of her in the military garb holding this huge gun! For a second I wasn´t sure what she was going to have for breakfast, corn flakes or me. But it´s all good and while she can be really direct with the investigadores (I find myself saying I know you´re a really good person and Heavenly Father loves you a lot... haha, to soften the tone. I like that she´s direct though because she says what they need to hear, but we´re working on doing it in a way a little more softer haha) we work really well together. And yes we have ALL of Limache which probably doesn´t mean anything to you since you don´t know Limache, but trust me, it´s HUGE! Lots of running involved. But it also means we´re busy and there´s always someone to visit and I love that! But it´s definitely a load.

This week we also had our zone meeting and guess what I got! Yes, that´s right, your package. Finally!! Thank you so much! And I also got a sweet card from you as well! Also I received a letter with a bunch of little notes from the youth in our stake. I guess at the youth conference this year they had a thing where they wrote the missionaries serving from our stake. Thank you so much to all the kids that wrote me! I was SO TOUCHED!! I had a few girls who were my ¨little sisters¨in the pioneer trek a few years back write me and a few of the young women in our ward. Tell them that I love them so much and their words of encouragement were just inspiring! It made me so happy to read how some of them are planning on serving a mission too when they´re older. There´s nothing better they could do!

That´s so awesome to hear about Connor too!! WOW! How amazing!! I need to write him and tell him Felicidades! From what it sounds, it wasn´t easy but that´s SO AWESOME!

That´s so weird that school is starting again there! Honestly I have no concept of time right now, it´s all just blurring together. But I´m loving my time here. I´m really making it count. Yesterday at church I was looking out at the congregation while the sacrament was being passed (I play the piano so that´s how I can see everyone) I was just hit by a thought, or a question better said. It was ¨Do we know what we have?¨ Like really? Do we really realize what we have with the gospel in our lives?? In Amos it talks about how there will be hunger on the earth, but not hunger of food but of the word of God. People really are hungry. They´re craving peace, comfort, love, security. Exactly what the gospel provides. The spirit is always just so strong during the sacrament and I was thinking about the Savior´s sacrifice for us. Really there is a plan. We´re not alone in this world that is worsening each day. We have a Savior. He´s in control. We have his authority here on the earth. There is power to be cleansed, to lift us, to comfort us, for the family to be forever. There is nothing better. It´s the most grand feast and we´re the guests of honor. I really hope we´re making the most of this banquet. Do we really know what we have? The gospel is amazing.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!! Feast! 
Con todo el amor en mi corazòn,
Hna. Evans


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