Monday, August 25, 2014

Lights Out!!!!!

August 25, 2014

Hola familia!!!!

Ok so update of my week:
Yes there was an earthquake Saturday! It was a 7 something. The biggest I think I´ve felt in my life. Even bigger than the one on Easter a few years back. We were walking through the street when it hit. At first I felt the rumbling under my feet as I was walking and thought it was probably the bus that was passing and then it hit strong. We couldn´t even keep walking. It was crazy! The buildings were all swaying and it was kind of freaky seeing more than just the branches of the trees moving back and forth. All the street lights went out and then came back on a little later. And then there were smaller earthquakes for the rest of the day. I thought it was fun though haha. I guess I'm weird or something but I kind of enjoy the earthquakes, meaning the ones that don´t cause damage to houses and stuff. How cool would it have been if we had been in a lesson though and we were like so did you read the chapter we left you in the libro del mormon? No? BRRRRUGHHGUGHUCRRUHG (that´s clearly the sound of an earthquake) I´m pretty sure we could have committed them to baptism in that moment haha. Oh well, there´s earthquakes here like every week so maybe for the next one. What was crazy though is the earthquake cut the lights for all our our street so as we turned onto our street it was dark. and when I say dark I mean like you can´t see you´re hand in front of your face dark. Not to mention is was raining super hard.

Earthquakes, darkness, storms. I´m convinced more than ever that I´m definitely living in Book of Mormon land down here. Luckily the relief society president is our neighbor and she gave us some candles so we could do our planning and everything. It was definitely a crazy, fun adventure! 

This week we also put a fecha (time) for a baptism for next Sunday! I´ve put enough fechas to know not to get too excited about it too soon but I really feel that he´s going to be baptized!! And get this. He counts the tithing for the Catholic church. Haha he´s awesome and we have a family home evening with him tonight so that should be fun!

Also this week I learned a lot about charity, the pure love of Christ. So we were contacting one day and we contacted this one house that we´ve contacted before but the old lady had just kind of yelled at us but we were passing by and it was a new day and so we were like why not, lets see what happens this time. She told us no once again because she was super busy. So I asked if we could help her with the stuff. Now she talks with this really high crackly voice, kind of like how probably the witch in the Hansel and Gretal story talked, so it´s kind of hard to understand. All I heard was no, wash, and really heavy. So I was like no, let us help, we´re strong! She stopped, looked at us for a second, and then was like bueno, pasen. aka come in. So we walk in and we follow her into this room where this old man was laying in bed. So I just start talking with him, turns out he´s 82 and likes music by some singer named Enrique. I have no clue what we´re going to do. Then the old lady comes back in with this HUGE diaper. And the gears start turning in my head. Then she walks over the bed where the old man, her husband, is laying, and pulls back the covers. Turns out that he doesn´t have any legs, which startled me for a second just because I wasn´t expecting that. And he was wearing one of those big diapers. The light bulb clicked on. We were going to change his diaper. She wasn´t strong enough to lift him, so we helped lift him but so she could change everything. But the way in which she did it. I don´t think I´ve ever seen anyone so patient and loving. She was just so calm and was just talking to him in the sweetest way. I was just like Wow. That is love. This really is charity. True, pure charity.

Afterward we were able to share a short message about the love our Savior has for us, but really, that day she taught me more then we taught them. I hope that I can become more like that sweet, old, Catholic lady with the cackling voice. Also I learned a little more about how amazing and loving is our Heavenly Father. That sweet lady needed help. Her son who usually comes couldn´t come then. She couldn´t do anything. But our Heavenly Father knows our needs and in that moment he knew their need, so he sent his missionaries. Miracles happen.

Anyway so that was a little bit of my week, I wish that I had time to write more, but I guess that´s why there´s always next week! 

Con todo el amor en mi corazón, 
Hna. Ebans  (yep, they still call me that instead of Evans) ha ha

no lights! Thanks to the earthquake!!!!

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